It’s got GUMPTION!

The Holiday. Can we discuss how much I absolutely adore this movie? Like it’s borderline obsession how much I like it. Last year I mentioned it as one of my up and coming Christmastime favorites (check out my whole list of holiday time movies) and this year, this year I just can’t stop thinking about it.

And let’s be real, I can’t stop watching it either. Last night I put it on again. Second time in about a week or so? Yeah I’m a fan.
And why am I such a fan? Well let’s break it down shall we:
  • Kate Winslet, I adore her like woah. And I love the spazzy adorable ways of her character, Iris.

  • Graham’s daughters in the movie really makes me want to have kids with accents, because seriously, precious!! And Mr. Napkinhead? Can every dad be that cute? And their tent? That whole scene, I sort of melt a little inside every time.
  • Amanda and Graham. So silly and proper and spazzy and yes, they are just cute.
  • Arthur. A lovable, hilarious old man, yes please.
  • The score. I have never been more inspired and more uplifted by a freaking movie score. It’s just so pleasant and fun and I need to own it stat. Don’t believe me? Listen!
  • Although I don’t really relate to Amanda as much, I want her job! Cutting movie trailers! And her movie collection? I nearly die every time I see that wall o movies, because I sort of need it in my life.
  • Miles and Iris. Although not so much of a spark for me, they’re still so cute and fun and they make fettucini and sing silly things and swoon to them.

So basically I have a huge crush on this movie and I totally get it if you don’t feel the same way or if you haven’t seen it, but it’s just one of those things I can’t really describe (well sort of since I did just share a ton of reasons why I love it, haha).
Any other holiday movies I should add to my list or develop an obsession for, haha?

happy thursday!

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