My Etsy wish list.

So last year I posted my Etsy wishlist and I mean it’s Christmastime so why not do it again? Because let’s be honest, ETSY is all sorts of awesome and has so much fabulous stuff, why not put it on my wishlist!?

  • First Dance – a filigree floral ring. Seriously I would be okay with anything from Oh Hello Friend’s store but this ring is one of my faves, besides one that was already purchased. But really. NEED.

  • Wooden letter B. Simple right? And cute? And also the first letter of my new last name. So naturally we should have it displayed in our home right? Yeah that’s what I thought too. So vintagey and just cute.

  • Olive Green Sackcloth Handbag. I mean, YES. This is cute and I don’t own a green purse, so naturally I should add this to my collection? Right? Seriously it’s spacious and chic and businessy and cute and I adore it.

  • Designed for Each other. Although I really don’t need any more mugs like AT ALL but I sort of really want this one. Or anything from this store really, I mean it’s Pride and Prejudice and it’s dreaaaaamy.

  • Karly Fuschia Rose and Turquoise Necklace. Now this necklace isn’t really me at all, but it’s so fierce and fun and I feel like I could possibly make it work, somehow, some way? But yeah it’s lovely and I adore it.

Seriously I am such an Etsy fan, it’s a wee bit ridiculous. But also awesome and I JUST WANT IT ALL. So stop it Etsy, my wallet needs a break. But how about not, it’s Christmastime and a girl can dream right?
Anyhoo, what’s on your Etsy wishlist? Anything fabulous I should add to mine?
happy wednesday!