Whip my Hollywood.

Why yes I’m sharing some Hollywood news on a Tuesday, wahoo! So here we go:

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness is my oh so favorite family of Hollywood ( (I mean I know I shared them last week but HELLO they are my favorites), the Garner ladies. Seriously Seraphina is just all sorts of cute and belated birthday girl Violet just looks adorable as always. Seriously heart them all.

    the cutest is just too much right now.
  • Also bringing some serious cuteness is Reese Witherspoon and her kids celebrating her star on the walk on fame. Seriously Ava and Deacon look just like her and Ryan, it’s adorable.

    seriously they are such a cute little fam.

  • In other bebe news, are you pregnant? Why not try taking some Prenatal pole dancing…moving on from the bebes, did you know that the Bakerella and Blake Lively are buddies now? Yeah they really are and it’s super adorable…also adorable? Emma Stone. Even if I’m not a fan of her new blonde do, she’s still charming…another blonde making headlines, Taylor Swift and her latest guy, Jake Gylenhaal are getting coffee all over town (it’s adorable becasue she’s only 20, well for another week at least)…in other news, Josh Duhamel and Kevin Smith are not having any luck flying this week…and lastly Willow Smith will be whipping her hair New Year’s Eve on Dick Clark’s show. I mean what? She’s only 10! How accomplished do you feel right now? Haha.
  • In some favoriteness…
    Michelle Williams, how are you smiling so coyly? I’d probably be grinning ear to ear if this were me:

    why hellooooo there.

    And because we can never have enough Ryan Gosling, swoooon:


    Also, KEANU! SHAVE PLEASE. That is all.

  • In some Twilight news…
    I am now the proud owner of Eclipse and it was just as corny and as wonderful as I remember. And now I really feel like I have it to watch it with the commentary after reading the Letters to Rob recap.

    Also, Dr. Cullen looks like he just stepped out of a Gap ad and I’m sort of digging it:

    add a scarf and this outfit
    would be set.

  • In movie news…
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Oh. Man. This movie was amazing. So dark and twisty (Grey’s reference for two points) and I actually jumped a few times.
  • In TV news…
    Top Model. Spoiler alert, spoiler alert. Okay not really, we all knew it’d be freaking Ann for the beginning. Freaking Tyra LOVES the awkward girls, no really she does. I could be a judge and just say I love the awkward girl and her crazy eyes and slouchy walk and monotone voice and I’d be right every time. Gah. Clearly you can tell, I was not a fan of this pick. I wasn’t really a Chelsea fan either, I was rooting for Kayla actually and I was so bummed she didn’t make it, girl was fierce (even if she had sort of an annoying voice as well, details, details). Anyways, maybe next season there will actually be a winner (heck a top two) I like. And for the giffarific recap, check out Four Four.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Spoiler, spoiler. Arizona is back? Cristina is better…ish? (freaking finally). Teddy’s going to marry Jennifer Garner’s ex? I mean what? Okay I give it to you Shonda, you’re getting creative but I miss the twisted sisters so please let’s resolve that issue next year. Also, another shooting coming up!?! I mean NO. Stop it. New plot line please. Thank you. Love, a loyal fan.

    Glee. A tie? At regionals? I mean of course they did. And um Ms. Pilsbury is married? And Rachel and Finn broke up? What the what? Eh, just give me some Christmas music tonight and I should be okay. Thanks.

    How I Met Your Mother. Aw we finally see a pregnant Lily? Even if it was a look to the future and a ridiculous story with Barney. And would it be bold of me to say that Zoe could be the mother? I mean what if she was Rachel Bilson’s roommate before she married the Captain? I mean, it’s possible right? Maybe? I just know we NEED TO MEET THE MOTHER soon please.

    The Soup. Joel McHale has signed on for two more years to the Soup, huzzah!!

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news, the Hogan ladies. Brace yourselves. It’s not pretty.

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So anything I missed?

happy tuesday!