Oh goodness, the weekend and a giveaway! *closed*

by katelin on December 6, 2010

Oh what a weekend and a fun one at that, so with no delay a recap is on its way (why I rhymed I have no idea? I blame exhaustion):

Friday: Matt and I were both so exhausted from a long week that we had a pretty low key night. Went shopping for our Christmas sweaters and grabbed a quick bite to eat before coming home to decorate our little abode. Pretty much loveliness.
Saturday: Slept in for a wee bit before running all sorts of morning errands and getting my hair cut, woo (seriously I hadn’t had a hair cut since April, ridiculous). Then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for my Wrapped in Goodness Party!
And what is a Wrapped in Goodness party? Pretty much Lean Pockets provided me with all sorts of goodies to have some friends over and enjoy some of their new culinary creations (um, yum!). So I went to town and was so excited to use some of my new serving ware and Christmas stuff and set it all up for a fun little girl’s night in.
oh how I love to host!
can you spot the Lean Pockets in my freezer?
haha, this is just ridiculous.
all five tasty flavors ready for us to try:
Chipotle Chicken, Chipotle Bacon Dijon,
Spinach Artichoke Chicken, Garlic Chicken White Pizza (my fave!)
and Grilled Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach.
some snuggies for the ladies.
One the girls got here we spent most of the night just hanging out, listening to Christmas music, watching Extreme Christmas Lights on mute and occasionally answering some hilarious questions provided by Lean Pockets. It was just the kind of night I needed since I’ve been in a weird friend funk lately and hanging with the girls just lovely.
Ev’Yan, Tara and my sister showing
off their snuggies.
mmmmm, tasty!
my sister already finished hers
and was enjoying some belini deliciousness.
All in all it was quite the fun night. We tried almost all of the Lean Pockets, enjoyed lots of belinis and cookies, and definitely had our mouths agape at the Christmas lights some people put on display (seriously, insanity!). And just yes, my kind of girls’ night in indeed. Thank you ladies for a lovely evening.
not that you can tell, but that’s Matt
back there showing off a snuggie of his own.
Also, check out other Wrapped in Goodness party pics and get some Lean news on their Facebook page, so check it out, and even like it you’d like (that sounds redundant but I figured I’d keep it).
Sunday: Oh Sunday, I slept in until 11, cleaned up the apartment a bit, caught up on some TV watching. Finally did some Xmas shopping with Matt for a bit before coming home and alternating between napping and movie watching the rest of the day. Basically my kind of way to end the weekend.
And now to the giveaway! Hurrah!

Congrats to Kateastrophe! Her Lean Pockets creation would be:
My lean pocket would SO not be lean. It would be filled with Brie and ham and bechemel sauce. So it would be more like a fat pocket? Hmmm sing THAT with the jingle! “Faaat Pockets!”

Big seller, I tell ya!

I would so buy it :)

Thanks to everyone that entered!

Lean Pockets has so graciously offered me the chance to offer one of my readers a YEAR SUPPLY of Lean Pockets! Seriously, a year’s worth? That’s a lot of Lean going on!
To enter tell me if you made your own culinary creation lean pocket, what would be in it?
For an extra entry, tweet about the giveaway and include my handle, @katelin, and the official @Lean_Pockets and leave in a separate comment.

and if you need a bit.ly of the giveaway:

Giveaway ends next Wednesday, December 15th 4pm PST and I’ll be picking a winner using randomizer, so everyone’s got a chance!
Good luck and lean away!
happy monday!

*Lean Pockets provided me with the snuggies, coupons for free Lean Pockets to serve at my party as well as giveaway. They also gave me some schnazzy Visa gift cards to do some shopping and as a thank you. And all opinions of Lean Pockets are all my own because let’s be honest I sort of love them anyways. Basically they rock my socks off.*
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  • brandilicious

    How fun!I think my own creation would be a chicken parm with yummy sauce. I'm a sucker for chicken parm!

  • Playful Professional

    I would probably do some artichokes, olives, proscuitto, and a yummy garlic/olive oil sauce. It's delicious on pizza and I'm sure would be great wrapped in a lean pocket!

  • thegreenestgrass

    Wow – super exciting!I would definitely have to go with pepperoni, sausage, mozz cheese and pineapple – YUM!Thanks for the awesome giveaway – love reading your blog!

  • lspoon

    My husband loves Hot Pockets of any kind and I would have to make a flavor for him. Pepperoni & Jalapeno. Delicious :)

  • lspoon
  • MeganElise

    Either chicken cheese steak, pizza steak, or chicken cordon blue. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  • Bev

    Spinach, feta and pizza sauce!

  • Jennifer

    Okay, go with me for a minute. The "pocket" part of the lean pocket is kind of like a bread bowl. And inside is a broccoli & cheese soup-ish concoction.How amazing does that sound?Yeah, I know. Amazing.

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    i'm having my goodness party tomorrow and i'm so excited!!yours looked so fun too :)

  • Nora

    Oh my gosh! you get to host the coolest things =) I love this. What would be in my lean pocket? Well cheese isn't very lean, but a low fat cheese with some broccoli and grilled chicken sounds mighty good to me right about now, so how about that? Or maybe a low cal pizza one! (I'm Italian after all.)

  • Nanette

    Nice! Looked like a fun night! My lean pocket would include burrata cheese, tomatoes & garlic. That is, if anyone could make a burrata cheese that would be lean AND tasty.

  • kateastrophe

    My lean pocket would SO not be lean. It would be filled with Brie and ham and bechemel sauce. So it would be more like a fat pocket? Hmmm sing THAT with the jingle! "Faaat Pockets!" Big seller, I tell ya!

  • jodeloveski@yahoo.com

    sausage and pepper with mozz hot pocket. oh wait….that's another "fat pocket"

  • doniree

    I'd make a vegetarian Lean Pocket! Spinach Artichoke, mushroom swiss, any cheese/veggie combination (without the chicken!) would have my vote :)

  • Elle

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I think my ideal lean pocket would have meatballs and chicken in marinara sauce. Lol, I imagine that wouldn't be terribly lean though. :)my email address is fastfoodandfastfashion(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Maxie

    I dont know if this could be a LEAN pocket, but I'd love to have a brie tomato and chicken lean pocket. or goat cheese chicken and pesto.really, they should just hire me to come up with delicious ideas. i'm hungry now.

  • Andrea

    Mine would be mozzarella, pesto, grilled chicken and sundried tomatoes. Mm. Not lean, though. Maybe the serving size would be really small?

  • Kori

    I LOVE LEAN POCKETS. Jalapeno and cheese would be my pick, NO DOUBT.

  • Kelly C

    I would say ham, black olive, and onion. I get the same toppings on my pizza. Either a red sauce or white would be good too. Mmmm.

  • Jen

    My lean cuisine would have cream cheese in it. What meat goes with cream cheese? Either every meat or no meat, I can't decide.

  • Lexilooo

    Chipotle Bacon Dijon? WANT!!!for mine, I'd do some sort of chicken bacon ranch, I think, with black olives. yummmmm.

  • Bethany

    umm this is too good to pass up!I would go the Hawaiian route: bacon, ham, pineapple and oniondip it in some red hot, mmmm

  • Jeff

    BBQ Chicken version of Lean Pockets would be divine!

  • your wishcake.

    Aw, I'm sad I missed all that goodness at your party! It looks like you ladies (and Matt – hahaha!) had a fantastic time.As for what type of Lean Pocket I'd love to see? Hmmm…it sound like they have almost everything covered! :) Maybe…something like thai chicken? With peanut sauce and stuff? I don't even know if that's possible, but now I'm really hungry just thinking about it…

  • Cynthia

    I would make a Greek Gyro pocket with lamb, tsziki (spelled wrong I know) sauce, and red onions.

  • Megan

    A YEAR'S supply? Wowza! I'm not too exotic, so it would have to be the basics with ham or turkey and cheese. But I'd maybe put some basil and onion in too?Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Megan
  • Miss Alicia

    In honor of the holidays:- turkey, cranberries, sliced almonds, and brie cheese. The bread would be some sage/rosemary wheat blend.

  • Jamie

    I've been on a pesto kick recently so I think some sort of creamy chicken pesto concoction would be quite tasty!

  • Araignée

    Hm…perhaps a mozzarella stick version…it'd have to be smaller, but it'd be sooo good.

  • Janice

    if I made my own, I think I'd throw in a seafood twist (i.e. shrimp) to it since I love seafoodm8usi@yahoo.com

  • Janice
  • Elle

    I just tweeted this contest.http://twitter.com/FFoodNFFashion/status/14514945194463232Thanks again!fastfoodandfastfashion@gmail.com

  • crazymedic

    Wow i really like your blog. I'm just starting in this whole blogging thing. shoot me a few pointers if you can.

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