Chiliiiiii time.

First of all, thank you for the kind comments on yesterday’s post. I know I’m not alone with how I feel but it was just nice to get it out for a bit.

Anyhoo moving on from some whining and what not, how about I show you what I cooked last night? No really, I actually cooked something. I’m even amazed myself.
To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve made anything that required a recipe and I had to buy ingredients. I also haven’t properly christened any of my fun new appliances that we got for the wedding and by golly (let’s bring that back okay?) I figured last night was the perfect night to try. So for my inaugural dish I decided on making a turkey chili (courtesy of the Tasty Kitchen from the Pioneer Woman) with our new slow cooker.
And you guys, it actually turned out good!! Seriously if you know me you know that the kitchen and I haven’t always gotten along. I’ve burned pans, burned chicken while at the same time undercooking it as well as making ridiculous cupcakes that overflowed from the pan. Needless to say, I’m learning.
So back to last night, I got everything together:
all of my ingredients and even my recipe stand is set.
pan for browning the turkey and crock pot
are ready to go!
And then I got my onion goggles and apron on and I was ready to make some chili!
yes I am a huge nerd.
Matt was laughing behind the camera
at my ridiculousness.
Pretty much the whole chili making process took about thirty minutes and luckily Matt stepped in to help me a bit with browning the turkey and then it was ready to go.
and it’s ready to simmer.
For the next two hours were spent drinking wine and watching Love Actually and the ASU/UofA game (and note Matt would like me to mention that ASU won in double overtime by blocking a kick, woo!) and just hanging outish. And before I knew it my chili was done!
And ta da, the final product:
It’s a little wateryish I think but I’m hoping it thickens a bit after sitting. And I can’t wait to have a full bowl for lunch today and have more than a few spoonfuls. But seriously after trying it, YES! KATELIN FOR THE COOKING WIN. It’s good. Just don’t ask Matt. He is not a chili fan and was not appealed by any of it. To him I say, pish posh, its delish!! Yay! Okay I’m done cheering, but YAY! Done.
So any cooking adventures for you lately? I mean really, yay cooking!
happy weekend!