A beachy beachy Thanksgiving.

Why hello there friends. Are you as stuffed and exhausted and as happy as I am? I spent the last five days relaxing, not relaxing, drinking, eating, laughing, playing and having all sorts of fun with my oh so large and ridiculously awesome family.

I would try and break down the week by the days but I gotta say it’s just a blur of fun and craziness and yeah. So instead I’ll give a snippet of what the week looked like: big hugs and laughs and hello family, first sunset (gorgeous!), potluck dinner, lots of wine, Smart Ass, reading, relaxing, puzzle playing, afternoon drinks, Thanksgiving!, more reading, margaritas on the beach, polenta night!, more wine, more fun, family photos, mini golf tournament, last night dinner, turkey contest, awards, drinks, trivial pursuit and lots and lots of love.
So shall we get to some of the pictures:
the first sunset, I could look at this every day.
oh a delicious Thanksgiving meal indeed.
the first generation.
nothing like an afternoon at the beach
with my cousins and margaritas.
Kurt showing off some moves.
Matt and I getting some air time.
Kourtney, Julie and Jason did it a
little bit better.
Matt and I at sunset.
look familiarish?
it’s the same place my header pic was taken.
see, I told you my family was big!
Steve cooking up some risotto, yummm!
Matt grilling some sausages.
My dad, Matt, Kyle and Dave,
the winning golf team.
some of the turkey submissions
(mine was the bride and groom at the top,
ridiculous I know, haha, but I got a bonus prize!)
seriously we’ve got some cute kids in the fam.
adorable right?
Man looking back at these pics I feel drunk, full and happy all over again. I love my family and I love being able to spend so much time with them even if it was freezing (freezing as in like 50s, I’m from SoCal give me a break people, it was chillly!). All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.
And how was your Thanksgiving weekend??
happy monday!
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