Hollywood goes bezerk.

So of course I take a week off of Hollywood and then it goes bezerk, like seriously so many big stories I don’t even know if this blog can handle it. Well it won’t hurt to give it a try, so here we go:

  • Starting off this week’s adorableness we have the oh so cute Hannigan-Denisof family and seriously they make me smile and they should totally have a play date with Violet and Seraphina, I mean how cute would that be!?

    so darn cute and smiley I love it!

  • Also looking oh so freaking adorable is baby Hank hanging on to mama Kendra. Seriously that boy is just so darn cute I almost can’t handle it.

    oh he is just presh.

  • In other bebe news one of my favorites, P!nk, is going to be a mama! I sort of have a girl crush on her and can’t wait to see her and Carey as parents…also joining the new mama club, Rachel Zoe, I don’t care too much about that one since I don’t watch her show or really even know who she is, but congrats nonetheless…in not so fun news, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are splitting after only three years of marriage and apparently it’s because he had an “affair” with a teammates wife? Um what? Seriously what is with some people??….However in oh so exciting news and opposite of divorce was the announcement that Prince William is ENGAGED to Kate Middleton. I mean yes, a royal wedding is coming and how freaking awesome is that? And um hey royal family I am totally free next Spring and I LOVE weddings and I’m basically a pro so you can just add me to that list okay? Sweet…Oh and Jessica Simpson is conveniently engaged too, hurrah (sarcasm)…but really back to William and Kate, I mean seriously, how cute are they?!? And Diana’s ring? And her dress? Yeah they’re pretty damn adorable.

    I sort of want her dress and hey the ring
    would be a nice addition too, haha.

  • In some favorites news…
    Ryan Reynolds is People’s sexiest man of the year. After seeing that man in person once I can’t really debate that choice and I’m just glad it’s someone new. So yay Ryan and Scarlett you are a lucky biotch.

    why hello there Mr. Reynolds.

    NKOTB is totally back. I mean yeah I’ll forever be a fan, I can’t help it. And the NKOTB and BSB performance at the AMA’s sort of makes my heart happy.

    hangin’ tough!
    or more like Step by Step oooooh baby.

  • And in today’s Twilight news…
    So apparently on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward jump in waterfalls? Clearly it’s been too long since I’ve read the books but that’s the scene Rob and Kristen have been filming and just year, cute? I don’t know.

    In other Twilight news and not involving a Jonas Brothers, I might have a girl crush on Ashley Greene. Seriously how does she always look so damn pretty? But I do adore her and just want her to be Alice anyways, so yeah here’s Ashley at a Mark event.

    seriously, so pretty.

  • In movie news…
    Harry Potter. No I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but I really can’t wait to whenever I get a chance. And to celebrate this is hands down my favorite video of the cast learning to speak American, “the freedom language”, haha. Seriously even if you’re not an HP fan, check it out.

    We Bought a Zoo. I recently read this memoir about a family that takes over a rundown zoo and the movie adaptation recently announced it’s casting and it’s some pretty great names so far. This movie has potential to pretty interesting.

    Disney announced that they won’t be making any more fairy tale movies. I don’t really know how I feel about this only because I can’t think of any fairy tales they haven’t done but at the same time it’s sad they won’t make any more cartoons based on the classics.

  • In some music news…
    Girl Talk. Listen and enjoy. That is all.
  • In some TV news…
    Glee. I can’t get the “Umbrella/Singing in the Rain” mashup out of my head! So damn catchy and I don’t even like “Umbrella”! Also, TOTS! Don’t know why but that had me cracking up. Also, what the heck was Mr. Shue’s “dream” with him and Mike? That seriously made no sense to the whole episode.

    Top Model. And we’re down to TWO. And not the two I would have picked. *SPOILER* I was seriously rooting for Kayla and I’m bummed she didn’t make the final cut and Jane was eh but I was a fan. However Jane and Ann’s drunken night was all sorts of entertaining. Anyways I can’t wait to see Ann on the catwalk because holy hell will that be a show, haha. And a full fabulous recap here as usual.

    Medium. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people under 40 that loves this show so I’m not surprised it got the boot after seven seasons but I am sad. The DuBois family is one of the best and most realistic (minus Allison’s ridiculous amount of pajamas and her mediumness) families on TV and I’ll be sad to see them go.
    The Big Bang Theory. Frickity Frack! I mean yes Sheldon needs to be real and be my friend. However he has some new regular friends of his own, the newest ladies of the show have been promoted to regulars (woo Bridgette and Amy!).

    Grey’s Anatomy. Dear Shonda, I want Cristina Yang back. Love, Katelin.

    And for the TV lovers like myself check out this awesome video of some of the best catch phrases in TV history.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news the effing Duggars keep reproducing and it needs to be stopped. The oldest Duggar kid (who is married and has a one year old and is ONLY TWENTY TWO) announced that he and his wife are expecting a second child. Seriously are they trying to take over the world?!?! And running in close second to the crazies is another family that has EIGHTEEN KIDS (and none of them are twins!). STOP IT PEOPLE, STOP IT.

So anything I missed this week? Let me know!

happy tuesday!