It’s a teenage dream in Hollywood.

So I’m all hopped up on Ricola and functioning on little sleep (damn you sickness) so this could be an interesting post, then again when is Hollywood not chock full of interesting. Anyhoo enough rambling, here we go:

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have little Satyana Denisof with her parents Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof. I mean yeah it’s from Halloween but still, the cuteness!!

    all sorts of cuteness
  • Also bringing some major cuteness is little August having some fun with his mom, my favorite TV cop (well besides Eliot) Mariska Hargitay. Seriously I can’t believe he’s four already and he looks so much like mom!
    so cute!

  • Continuing with the bebe talk, Baby Spice is expecting another baby! I mean yes that’s adorable and cute and congrats to the growing family…more bebeness is taking over this month’s issue of W with a spread with Katherine Heigl and Nahleigh and a very pregnant and very naked Miranda Kerr as well as a snippet with Madonna…Cirque Du Soleil announced that they are launching a new show: A MICHAEL JACKSON SHOW, yes please sign me up!… apparently India is having an owl shortage and it’s all due to the love of Harry Potter, there should be a spell for that….in other HP news, apparently Voldemort and some death eaters took over Grand Central Station, how trippy would that be to see?…and rounding out the HP coverage, Emma Watson is on the cover of this month’s Marie Claire and seriously I adore her and how normal she is and how very Twiggyesque her new hairdo is, check out more of the interview and pics here:

    she is just so chic I love it.

  • In some favoritness…
    Sam! We have a Sam sighting people! Now I’m not too fond of the hair business but it’s for a movie role so I’ll give him that, but helloooo Sam.

    why hellooo there.

    NKOTB is going on tour again and this time with the Backstreet Boys. I mean talk about a teenage girl fantasy (errr teenage girls that are now my age and older, haha). I can’t decide if I’m going to go yet but still, loving it.

    So you know I’m a Craig David fan right? Well check out this band’s cover of one of his best songs, “7 Days” it’s pretty catchy.

  • In today’s Twilight news…
    The filming of Breaking Dawn has officially started! I mean I don’t know why I added an exclamation point because I am still so skeptical about this story being turned into a movie. Anyways, some of the first shots of Kristen and Rob on set have emerged and I sort of adore her dress and the fact that her hair doesn’t look horrible and fake (a la Eclipse) and just yes.

    presh! the married couple.

  • In movie news…
    I totally forgot that Emma Stone is Skeeter in the movie adaptation of The Help and there are some new pics of her on set, I am so curious how this movie turns out.
  • In TV news…
    Top Model. They’re in ITALY! I might have actually teared up a bit when they were exploring Venice because all I could say was “WE WERE JUST THERE!” Other than that, I had to rewind to listen to Lisa’s “I don’t know where Milan is, is that like Mulan in Japan?” I mean what the eff?! She deserved to go home. And for a full gif filled recap, visit four four.

    Glee. Um what was up with all the Beast fantasies? Creepy. However, not creepy the guys acapella singing “Teenage Dream“, I was officially swooned (and yes that’s a word). And the KISS, hello the KISS! Weeeeeird. I mean yeah it makes sense but wow, did not see that one coming. And hello where was Kurt’s dad when he’s going through a hard time? His dad is always there for him and I love it, I mean yeah I know he’s recovering and all but still, I miss their relationship.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina quit?! Um. Not allowed. Bring the old Cristina back like now. And Arizona is gone? I know she was pregnant in real life but three years in Africa? Yeah no thank you, let’s fix that. And seriously Sloane and Lexie, heart them.

    How I Met Your Mother. Aw Zoie has a heart, sort of. And Barney has a dad! And Robin and Barney were way too funny touching all of the artifacts at the museum, ridiculous.

    The Mentalist. Finally, Lisbon gets some action, haha. And a bagillionaire at that. Other than that another ridiculously entertaining episode and Patrick was dashing per usual, woo.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news a woman went on Wheel of Fortune and solved a puzzle with ONE LETTER. ONE LETTER and this woman solved it and my goodness what a lucky/smart/crazy guess.

So anything I missed? I mean yeah I saw that twit and twat are broke but let’s not forget I will not talk about them on here any more and someone was kicked off Dancing with the Stars, I don’t watch that. So yeah anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!