Our Honeymoon: A View from the Top.

In our two weeks in Italy we went to four different cities(Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome) and in almost all of those cities we got a nice view from the top. And every city was gorgeous (obviously) and we could hardly stop taking pictures.

So for today’s post I figured, why write when I can just share because who really wants to read on a Friday anyways. So sit back and enjoy the views:

St. Mark’s Square:

looking down on St. Mark’s Square.
and another view from the top.

Cinque Terre:

hiking the path.
I could look at this every day.


looking down from the Duomo.
such a tiring climb, but so worth it.
Florence is so lovely.
the view from our terrace in Rome.
Oh how I miss it all and it’s Italian fabulousness.
Have you seen any lovely views lately?
happy weekend!