The cuteness of Hollywood.

Another Tuesday, another day in Halloween full of cuteness and ridiculousness and everything in between, so let’s get to it shall we:

  • Starting off this week’s bebe cuteness we have the oh so adorable and super smiley Naleigh Kelley with mom, Katherine Heigl taking a stroll.

    ohmygod her cheeks! the smile!
    ah! precious!

  • Also bringing way too much cuteness is little Seraphina Affleck hanging out on mama Jen’s lap. I mean really, I didn’t think this kid could get any cuter but she’s pretty dang adorable.

    so freaking adorable.

  • In other bebe news Jessica Capshaw (aka Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy) is a mom again! She welcomed a daughter, Eve Augusta last week, congrats!…in other bebe news, check out PopSugar’s gallery of celeb families and couples and just celebs in general that got into the Halloween spirit…Zach Galifinakis decided to light it up on Bill Maher’s show, he is truly ridiculous…Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were spotted leaving lunch together, seriously what an odd pair…also an odd maybe couple – Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe, hmmmm….need a wedding singer? Apparently Nick Lachey is up for the job after singing at a wedding over the weekend…Demi Lovato has checked herself into a treatment center, I gotta say good for her to take care of herself before something bad happened (a la La Lohan or Britt Britt)…and hello Paul Walker! Seriously the man must drinking the same stuff Leo is, the guys never age:

    hellooo Mr. Walker.

  • In some favorites news…
    Keanu is making the rounds again. I swear anything he does now is going to be turned into a meme, haha. But oh how I love it, Keanu you are so weird and so awesome.

    I don’t even know, haha.

  • In Twilight news…
    It’s been almost a year since I interviewed the cast of New Moon and basically had the most ridiculously surreal day of my life. I mean a year, how insane is that? And clearly I don’t have anything new to share about Twilight so how about a Rob picture!

    just oh so much swoon here.

  • In movie news…
    Now don’t get me wrong I admitted to liking Avatar (and hello Sam Worthington) but really a second and a third movie in the making?? Is that really necessary James Cameron? I mean really.

    The third Batman movie officially has a title, The Dark Knight Rises. And the Riddler is not the villain. And that’s all we’ve got. And sadly these small facts have me waaay too freaking excited, haha.

  • In TV news…
    Grey’s Anatomy. How about we never do a documentary type episode again okay? Thanks. It was pretty horrible and annoying to watch. And um Arizona and Callie are moving to Africa? Say what? And it was so not necessary to kill Mandy Moore’s character, that was just all sorts of sad and I was not a fan. So how about this week we have a better episode okay Shonda? Thanks.

    Desperate Housewives. But I don’t want Mike to leaaaave. And how come no one has said anything about Gaby’s niece or Tom’s daughter? The mystery kids of the show I swear. And speaking of Tom I’m glad he shut it because he just gets so damn annoying sometimes. And Bree and Keith are pretty dang adorable, I am a fan.

    How I Met Your Mother. Robin’s commercial, priceless. But what’s even better and has nothing to do with last night’s episode…THE RETURN OF ROBIN SPARKLES! Ohmygod I’m so excited for the November 15th episode where Robin’s Canadian pop star alter ego returns.

    Project Runway. What. The. Eff. I didn’t even get to watch the finale but I couldn’t even bring myself to after I heard about the winner. REALLY? REALLY? Ugh. Ridiculous.

  • Lastly in today’s WTFness we have Jersey Shore Jr. I mean yes it’s hilarious and it’s cute but it’s also a big pile of WTF what is happenin to the children!?! But yes I laughed and then I cringed but still laughed because ohmygodrealityshowsaretakingovertheworld.

    let’s just hope they don’t fake tan too, haha.

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!