Googily Moogily Hollywood.

Apparently I’m a jinx to technology and a jinx to myself. Hence the delay in posting. Oy freaking vey people. Well here we go:

  • Starting off this week’s Hollywood cuteness we have my fave new mama Sandra Bullock and the oh so adorable baby Louis. Seriously this kid is precious.

    check out those chubby cheeks!
    I wuv it, haha.

  • Also bringing some major cuteness surprisingly is Jennifer Lopez and her twins, I have to admit I didn’t always think they were that cute but in this photo shoot with mom they are definitely catching my eye.

    divas in the making,
    but man are they cute.

  • In other adorable bebe news, Matt Damon and his wife welcomed another girl (that makes four!) to the family, little Stella Zavahala was born last Wednesday, congrats to the growing family! Also bringing some major cuteness, Halle Berry and little Nahla at the pumpkin patch and Daws….er James Van Der Beek and his wife with their little daughter at the airport, preciousness.
  • Moving on from the bebes and on to other Hollywood news…Johnny Depp is so swoony and awesome and I love this breakdown of some of his best movie roles because it is just so true (thanks Ev’Yan for the link)…Zach Galafinakis (I’m too lazy to look up how to spell his name) is usually the funny man in interviews (I mean have you watched Between Two Ferns??) but this time a columnist from Texas got the best of him and it makes for one hilarious interview…so Hilary Duff is a newlywed like me but thank god I did not have the wedding morning she did, SHE LOST A TOOTH, seriously I would have freaked out like no other, crazy pants…want to see Sean Penn in drag again? Well today’s your lucky day to be officially freaked out, haha….apparently T Swizzle (that’s Taylor Swift for all you common folk, haha) and Jake Gylenhaal are a thing? I mean what? No, I don’t buy it. I won’t believe it until they break up and she writes a song about him….Carey Mulligan just got a million awesome points in my book because ever since breaking up with Shia she’s been slumming it in a Best Western, seriously, awesomenes…
  • In some favoriteness….
    Diane Kruger had all sorts of cuteness to share about her boyfriend, my favorite Joshua Jackson and if they ever break up I’ll be devastated.

    And um here’s Josh on the set of Fringe looking so Joshy and cute:

    why hello to you too!

    Also looking handsome these days, Ryan Gosling on the set of his movie Drive, taking on the role of an officer and who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

    I could make a joke about
    handcuffs but I think I’ll refrain, haha.

    And his interview in Interview (wow that seems repetitive) is quite charming, especially when he says that people confuse him with Ryan Reynolds (um what, how is that possible??).

  • In today’s Twilightness…
    Over the weekend in my lazy sickness coma I decided to watch Twilight and then said “what the hell” and watched New Moon too. I mean yeah it’s ridiculous and corny and horribly acted but I found myself loving both movies even more, maybe it was the drugs. But really I just can’t wait to own Eclipse on DVD (December 4th, wahoo and yes I am that big of a twinerd) and watch it whenever I want because just swooon.
  • In music news…
    Ok Go has done it again. Another ridiculously awesome video and I don’t know how I’m just now seeing it, but I love it and I mean the puppies!! enjoy.

    Glee is coming out with a Christmas album! I can’t decide how awesome this will be yet and I mean it will be competing with Mariah’s new Christmas CD so umm, is it Christmastime yet?

  • In movie news…
    Gnomeo and Juliet. Seriously, this movie looks all sorts of adorable and Elton John and Lady Gaga are pairing up for a song on the soundtrack and just yes, cuteness, check it out.

    The Hangover 2. I still don’t know how I feel about this movie being made but it is pretty awesome that instead of Mel Gibson (yeah that was short lived), Liam Neesen is now slated to have a cameo role. Liam is pretty bad ass and awesome so I can’t wait to see him explore a comedic side a bit.

  • In TV news..
    Criminal Minds. Are you watching this show yet? Because you should. I mean yeah it’s disturbing most of the time but it’s also funny and there’s Spencer Reed!! I mean seriously how could you not watch this adorably geeky guy every week.

    Top Model. Thank the high heavens of modeldom that Ann did not get best picture, FREAKING FINALLY. And that’s really all that matters, the better recap is at Four Four.

    Grey’s Anatomy. About damn time we got some normal Cristina Yang back in action, I was starting to get really worried. And how sweet/touching/sad was Derek’s worry about Meredith getting Alzheimer’s?? Also, I heart Lexie and her ridiculous memory, she should probably date Spencer Reed, what a combo that would be, haha.

    Project Runway. I’m sort of behind but basically: TEAM MONDO for the win. I mean he has to right? RIGHT?

    How I Met Your Mother. Although I love the regular Barney I also like the Barney with feelings who made Robin feel better about herself and praise her for her independentness, doesn’t every girl want to hear that? And Marshall and Lily’s attempts at baby making were all sorts of hilarious, I sort of loved it and can’t wait for them to finally get knocked up.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news, The Situation has a book. A FREAKING BOOK. I mean can he even read?!? Are they just giving book deals to anyone these days because if that is the case then HELLO out there, I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK! But seriously what the eff America? How does that douchewad land that? Oy.
So anything I missed? Let me know! Woo!

happy wednesday!