A fabulous weddingful weekend.

Another weekend that finally felt like Fall and I enjoyed every minute of it. So time to recap shall we?

Friday: After work I made my way to my father-in-law’s (still so weird to say I have a FIL, haha) for a delicious dinner with him, Matt, Ryan and Michaela. It was fun to relax and wind down the day with some wine and what not. Eventually Matt and I called it a night at home and watched The Mentalist (seriously, LOVE that show) and relaxed a bit.
Saturday: Oh what a busy most awesome day it was. Megan and JR came over and we all carpooled out to Lake Hughes for my high school friend, Amin’s wedding. Not only was I so excited to see Amin getting married but so many of our friends were coming out for it I couldn’t wait for the mini reunion. So yes pictures were taken and it was fabulous and here we go:
these guys haven’t changed a bit
and I love em for it.
the bride and groom hugging and giving flowers
to each other’s mothers, such a sweet touch.
loved the table settings and the sunflowers,
just so pretty!
and the cake!
oh the cake, so pretty and tre delicious.
love this picture of the newlyweds!
the whole high school crew,
so much fun being back together again.
the Core Four.
clearly we haven’t changed a bit since high
school either, haha.
me and the husband, woo.
All in all it was a lovely Muslim wedding (the first one I’d ever been to) with delicious food and a gorgeous setting (it was on a ranch) and good times with friends and just yes, loverly.
After the wedding we trekked on home and to my aunt’s 50th birthday party and had cupcakes and wine with the family and just hung out and caught up and twas loverly all around.
Sunday: Let’s just say it was the laziest day ever, because it pretty much was. I didn’t get up until 11 (and I probably could have slept a couple more hours) and then I spent my whole day lounging, playing the Sims, watching a combination of TLC shows and Dexter (you guys weren’t kidding when you said season 4 was awesome, I mean seriously wow) and lounging in my sweats listening to the rain trickling outside. Needless to say I relaxed like no other and it was just so needed and so lovely.
Basically it was just the kind of weekend I wanted and perfect for the Fall weather that accompanied it. And on to another week, woo!
And how was your weekend? Did you go to any weddings (because seriously I feel like there were a ton of weddings this weekend)?
happy monday!