Bloggerwood Confidential.

Last week Matt and I went to prom for the third time (I was his date to both his junior and senior prom and yet we didn’t date until four years ago, precious right?). And I gotta say, third time around was definitely the swankiest and most technologically enhanced one of them all, haha.

In case you have no idea what I’m referencing here, it was LA’s 2nd annual and oh so fabulous Blogger Prom. Last year I couldn’t make it because I was already in Chicago for BlogHer so as soon as I heard the date of this year’s prom I marked in on my calendar and started brainstorming costume ideas, haha. The theme this year was Hollywood confidential (um, PERFECT!) and it was so fun to get all Hollywooded out with Matt and some of my other favorite bloggers.

Prom was held at Yamashiro which is, if you’ve never been (I hadn’t until then), all sorts of amazing. The whole space was just classy and fun and the VIEW oh the VIEW, amazing.

The night itself was full of delicious food (um there was a CHEESE station! enough said) and drinks (I was sort of obsessed with the Pinky specialties), great conversations with friends, meeting some new people, joking about the internet (and a whole lot of Twitter, although I had no service…thanks AT&T) and admiring all sorts of amazing outfits. And if you can believe it I actually forgot to take ANY pictures! Ah! Blasphemy! But alas there was a professional there, so thanks Heather Kincaid for sharing your pics (you can check out all the pics from prom here):

amazing view from the front, LOVE.

Matt and I rocking our best classic Hollywood.
I sort of adore his suit. oh and his shoes too:

thanks to Tara for this one, Matt went
allll out.

newlyweds! Michelle and Matt, just too cute.

Nico and Andrea so very Mad Menesque

annnd the whole group shot!
also BIG NOTE. prom was picked up in the
THE LA Times and they used OUR PICTURE.
seriously, a million schnazzy points to us!


oh such a pretty and tasty drink.

the streaming TweetDeck of the night,
we are so techy.

Thank you, thank you to the fabulous Blogger Prom committee for one hell of a night and a fabulous swag bag (I can’t wait to test everything out) Can’t wait until next year!

And check out Andrea, Nico, Michelle’s Matt and Tara‘s recap of the night as well.

happy thursday!