Our Wedding: The Ceremony.

First of all.


Seriously, we’ve been married a month already?? How in the world did that happen? I mean really, time is flying by too fast, it seems like only yesterday we were finishing up last minute touches and getting your suit and wow, a month. Before I know it it’ll be a year and then five and then….er I’m stopping there, I don’t want time to go that fast just yet, I’m enjoying the married now life.

Anyhoo in celebration of our monthoversary I thought I’d finally share the wedding ceremony itself (with the help of pictures stolen from my friends since our professional ones aren’t in yet). Matt and I actually did have a first look and had a mini fiesta on the party bus before the wedding with our wedding party but I’m the bride (er was) and felt like skipping around a bit. So anyways, here we go with a little picture breakdown:

my younger brothers
walking my mom down the aisle.

here comes the groom!

Matt’s younger brother and co-best man Brad
walking my BFF and co-moh Jen down the aisle.

Matt’s older brother and co-best man, Ryan walking
my other BFF and co-moh, Megan down the aisle.

my dad and I laughed and danced the whole way
down the aisle.

a wide shot of the ceremony.

my lovely bridesmaids
(and Matt’s immediate family up front).

reading our vows
(and I didn’t even cry! shocking, I know).

you may kiss the bride!

the new Mr. and Mrs!

The ceremony was pretty much us in a nutshell. We used non-traditional music (the bridal party walked down to “Beautiful” by G. Love, I walked down to “All You Need is Love” by David Lynden Hall – aka the Love Actually version and after we kissed we walked together to “You and Me” by Dave Matthews Band, so not traditional at all but so perfect) picked two readings that meant something to us, we wrote our own vows and Matt’s cousins officiated our ceremony. Basically it was perfect, but then again every bride says that, haha. And it didn’t hurt that it wasn’t hot at all, especially because of the heatwave that had happened the days leading up to it (and even after!).

Basically our ceremony was everything I hoped it would be, just a special moment that kicked off a completely special and amazing day with the ones that I loved and the man that I love the most.

happy tuesday!