Our Wedding: A Primping Party.

Saturday morning I was up early. Jen had spent the night and every couple hours we kept waking up squeeeing to the fact that I was getting married in a few hours. Eventually I rolled out of bed and hung out a bit before Megan came over with some breakfast burritos (am I am healthy bride or what, haha?).

For a while it was just me and my co-Mohs and it was fabulous. Eventually the other girls started coming over and I hopped in the shower to get all ready and before I knew it my fabulous hair stylist Jenievieve arrived.

we’re just too excited!

this woman makes my hair look awesome every time.

The whole time we were getting ready there was nothing fun on TV to watch (besides Jerry Maguire) so informercials it was, seriously. We laughed and amused ourselves making fun of the Instyler ads and just wow, it was so ridiculous.

my sister actually HAS an Instyler! ridiculous.

not quite time to get dressed yet.

After my hair was did, my good friend Kathleen came over and graciously used her makeup skills on me. I sort of told her what I wanted and gave her some of the makeup I bought to use and she did all the rest and holy hell do I love this woman. On top of it, she had the perfect lip color for me to use all night and it was amazing.

Kathleen was a trooper and made me look all purdy even when my eyes spazzed out, haha.

Before I knew it it was time for me to get in my dress!! I wasn’t really nervous all morning but as soon as the dress came out of the bag the butterflies hit. It was just so surreal and amazing and just wow. But once I had on my garters, my shoes, my jewelry and finally my dress I felt fantastic and absolutely adored the way I looked.

zipping/buttoning me into my dress!

all ready to go and posing with my mom!

Pretty much the morning was just as I hoped with my favorite ladies at my side keeping me sane and entertained and just silly perfection. And beefore I knew it we were heading to the party bus and on our way to see my future husband! Crazypants!

happy thursday!