In the meantime…

Apparently I’m a lazy bum that knows what I want to write and what pictures I want to share but just hasn’t really done it yet. So instead of a wedding recap today you get a brief weekend recap instead. Because basically my weekend was a lot like this:

Saturday: Wake up. Watch Dexter Season 3. Clean apartment. Make room for new wedding gifts (love new wedding gifts). Eat random food that doesn’t resemble blood. Watch lots and lots more Dexter. Drink some wine. Sleep.
Sunday: Wake up. Watch more Dexter because clearly I’m obsessed. Sit in my towel. Scream at Dexter and Jimmy Smits crazies.
Get a little swoony because there’s a wedding and I love all things wedding. Inspire me to watch some of our wedding video. Cry a little at the cuteness.
Finish Dexter and look for Season 4. Lose a couple hours playing the Sims. Get ready. Open presents at my parents house. Belated birthday dinner for my dad with the whole fam. Indulge in a ridiculously delicious meal.
Roll ourselves home. Pie and ice cream. SVU marathon to end the night. Sleeeeep.
Exciting right? Apparently I’m a married TV addict Sims lover who’s too lazy to organize pictures, haha. But I’m trying to change that I really am! So more recaps this week, woo!
And how was your weekend?
happy monday!
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