Our Wedding: The Day Before.

So I think I’m going to approach this wedding recap business similar to my wedding twin Michelle (hope you don’t mind Michelle!) and break it down so it’s not so overwhelming but still fun and weee and squeee and all sorts of woo wee!

So here goes the beginning of wedding recapalooza! The Day Before, and go!

Nothing wedding related left to do but have fun, that was just the kind of day I wanted. Pretty much I lazed around the apartment and watched Say Yes to the Dress (Matt left to go golfing with his guys) until it was time to meet some of my favorites at Panera (um YUM). I believe there were fourteen of us (most of my bridesmaids, my mom, my future sister-in-law and my college ladies) and although it was a bit toasty outside it was so fun to hang out and catch up and eat and just chat about the wedding and “ohmygodyouregettingmarriedtomorrow!!!” was exclaimed more than once, and I definitely did not mind AT ALL.

After lunch most of us made our way up to a nail salon close by and got pedis and manis and basically heaven for our hands and feet (at least for mine, haha). It was nice to just be girly and have so much fun relaxing and swoonface, adored it all.

me and my cousin Brittany letting our nails dry.

Before I knew it it was time to check into the hotel, change, get ready and head to the rehearsal. All I can say is thank goodness my Co-Mohs, Megan and Jen, and Matt were there to help me otherwise it would have been a ridiculous feat getting there on time with all of the stuff I had with me (I mean we were like 10 minutes late, but that’s all good).

The rehearsal itself was entertaining as the guys kept making jokes, we all kept shielding our eyes from the sun and everyone was just enjoying the view and excited for the next day!

the guys are so attentive, haha.

our coordinator giving everyone the low down
for Saturday.

some of my most favorite ladies ever!
aka the eight great.

Basically it was just fun, which is exactly what I had hoped for!

And yeah I know not the most exciting wedding recap start but seriously people, you wanted the whole story (and who am I kidding, I wanted to share it, haha) and I had to start somewhere :)

Next up: The Rehearsal Dinner, where there were speeches and wine and pretty flowers and ridiculousness all around.

happy thursday!