Okay I have to be honest, before I went to Italy I had no idea that “ciao” was “hello” AND “goodbye” (two loser points to Katelin) so of course I’m using it now as HELLO and OH HOW I MISSED YOU INTERNETS! (and yes caps is necessary, the blame is still being put on Nicole).

Anyhoozits, I had all these high hopes of starting the wedding recap process yesterday and even today but really people, I am TIRED. The past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind and I think it’s finally catching up with me. It’s caught up with me so much that my email is daunting, my reader is horrifying (sorry but I’m hitting read all…so please oh please fill me in on your lives and let me know what I missed!), my eyes are seeing double as I type and I’m having serious Italy withdrawals especially in the wine, cheese and gelato aspects.
However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to share and because I love pictures I’ll give you some more wedding teasers and a bit of Italy in the meantime before it totally takes over the blog (as if it hasn’t already).
Also! Big ups and thanks to my fabulous guest bloggers that stepped in and shared the loooove while I was out, seriously you ladies are the bestest and the funniest and the cutest and I adored all of your posts so thank you. And thank you to all of you freaders for your fabulous comments on my last post about being a Mrs. It’s still weird and crazy but the love you all give me makes it so much better.
So. Pictures. And GO!
the new Mr. and Mrs.
LOVE this one.
we’re walking away…
the reception all set up and ready to go.
Cinque Terre oh how I adore your prettiness.
on the rooftop in a castle in Chianti, schnazzypants.
tossing our coins into the Trevi fountain.
Anyhoo hope you all don’t mind the ridiculousness of Katelin and Matt that is going to be this blog for a while, but I hope you enjoy because clearly there will be pictures and stories and silliness and just woo all around!!
happy tuesday!