Jess loves.

Hi everyone! I’m Jessica from My Everyday Adventures and I’m guesting posting because Katelin and Matt are off frolicking in Italy, basking in wedded bliss. How selfish is that? Kidding!
I’m so happy for them both and I’m even happier to be asked to guest post about things I love. Well, that is difficult for me to narrow down because I love a lot of things, food, music, movie-related, etc.
But I decided to narrow it down to a love list of movies, because I am obsessed with them.
So here is my list of 10 movies that I love (but are not necessarily about love):
  • Love Actually (okay this is about love and it makes me tear every time I watch it)
  • Julie & Julia (could Meryl Streep BE any more adorable? Doubt it)
  • Casino (when you’re single, sometimes you just want to watch sh*t get blown up rather than a rom-com)
  • Never Been Kissed (made me fall in love with Michael Vartan. HOT)
  • When Harry Met Sally (classic and still relevant)
  • The Young Victoria / Sense and Sensibility (grouping period pieces together, who doesn’t love a nice Victorian drama/love story sometimes?
  • Notting Hill (great music)
  • Speed (Keanu in a shaved head? HELLO! I know Katelin likes that look, rawr)
  • Miracle (sports movies always make me cry)
  • The Princess Bride (marwage is what bwrings us together today)
Yikes, it’s tough to narrow it down to just 10, but I think that’s a good mix of bloody, classic, charming, adorable, sexy and iconic.
And several of those words apply to Matt and Katelin as a couple too. I’ll let you decide which ones apply :)
What are some of your favorite romantic or non-romantic movies?