Nora Loves.

Hi everyone! I’m Nora from Walking with Nora, filling for Katelin todaywhile she enjoys her honeymoon, her husband and all things Italy. (I might be a lot jealous that she’s in Italy right now!) I had the honor of meeting both Katelin and Matt in Vegas v.1 in 2009 and let me just say: they are adorable together.

Katelin asked us to talk about things that we love while she’s gone so today I’ll be talking your ear off regarding the top Five Things I love about being a Bridesmaid.

1. Taking “insider” pictures. I’ve always loved to take pictures but taking pictures of the behind-the-scene moments at your best friend’s wedding? It’s priceless. I love capturing their expressions as the day goes on, the random laughing, the moments that are on the verge of tears, exuberance, all of it. After the wedding is over I make a CD of the photos for the bride and her mother and send them so that they have perhaps different photos and a record of those little moments that make up their very big day.

2. Dancing. I know, you’d think I’d go to a dance club for this but it’s not the same kind of dancing. I love runninng around barefoot in my dresses, dancing the night away to old school Madonna, Journey, Frank Sinatra and whatever else the bride & groom have chosen. The energy and positivity on the dance floors at weddings is just so overwhelming (in a good way), you can’t help but smile. Bonus if you get to dance with one of the cute groomsmen or ushers!

3. The Vows. Standing up there next to the bride and her future groom I always get teary-eyed. Every single time. So much so that I know have a hanker chief (yes, that’s right) that I wrap around the bouquet so that I don’t pull an Alice Cooper when I walk out of the church and for pictures. I love to hear both the traditional, non-traditional and custom vows, see the emotions on their faces and be a part of that moment.

4. Insider Access. It’s fun to go to a wedding for a good friend, but it’s even more fun when you’re in the wedding. You often get to help pick flowers, pick colors, set-up the rehearsal dinner, the reception, go to special parties, and overall? More time to hang out with your dear friend before the next phase of her life begins. I’m pretty much in love with weddings and am always thrilled when I get to be a part of the insider action and help the bride with one of her most special days. (Plus I like to think I’ll be super prepared for my wedding someday!)

5. CAKE! I have a real sweet tooth when it comes to baked goods, especially cakes & cupcakes. I always take time from my bridesmaid duties to enjoy a piece of cake.

Have you been a bridesmaid? If so, what’s your favorite part about being a bridesmaid? If not, what do you love most about weddings?