A letter to myself.

Dear Katelin a year ago,

So I have a few things to tell you that’ll make your life a lot better.

and a picture to show you from your engagement
because you just love it and you loved the whole session
and it gives you endless pictures to use of you and your loooove.

One. I know you want to lose weight and be all fabulous and skinny and super toned arms and a crazy awesome back but I’m just going to tell you now, it’s not going to happen. It’s okay though, you still look good and you look like yourself and that’s all that matters. Oh! And you don’t have back rolls on your dress so that is definitely a huge plus.

Oh and speaking of that dress, you find it in December and only try on about five and you love it every time you put it on and you feel classy and elegant and awesome.

Two. I know you said you wanted to have EVERYTHING done way before the wedding so you could relax the week before. But if you know yourself you know that’s just not happening. You are pretty ahead of the game and have a lot of things done but ultimately some things get saved til last and you start to stress a little but not too much. However despite the procrastination Matt steps in to save the day, so do family and friends and all sorts of everyone and you are truly blessed.

Three. Diet? What diet. Back to the whole weight loss thing, you eat cheese like it’s no one’s business and drink wine like it’s going out of style (okay maybe not that much but you definitely don’t cut back) and that’s OKAY. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to change yourself, everyone already likes you for who you are and Matt is marrying you for that reason and that is all that really matters.

Four. Although you might not agree on everything, appreciate your mom. She is so helpful and involved and clearly only wants the best and you should probably thank her every day. Same goes for Kourtney, thank her now and every day for being so helpful and being the stand-in-bride with Matt and being crafty and just being so awesome.

Five. You are marrying your best friend. Don’t ever forget that. The planning may get a little nuts and you may squabble a wee bit but don’t forget the end result, you’ll be walking down the aisle and Matt will be your husband and that’s the best outcome of all.

So Katelin, you’ve got a year until your wedding enjoy every minute of it and don’t feel too bad about talking about it endlessly on the blog, your freaders will understand.

Katelin getting married

happy wednesday!