A Hollywood send off.

Well it’s my last Hollywood post for a while so I better make it a good one right? And man I don’t even know how I’ll function not knowing what’s going on in the Hollywood world! I mean what if Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger get married? Or Lindsay Lohan gets an emmy? Or Keanu Reeves stops by my office? So many things can happen in two weeks. But alas I’ll be getting all married like and gallivanting in Italy so I can’t really complain, I’ll just have to be surprised when I get back. Anyhoozits, here we go!

  • Starting out this week’s super cuteness we have two of my favorite musical stars, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel, taking a stroll with their oh so adorable son Walker. I mean really? How is he that freaking cute???

    all sorts of cuteness!!

  • And because I heart them so much and I’m going to miss posting Hollywood stuff that I have to post my favorite family of Hollywood. Seriously Ben, Jen and the girls are just all sorts of cuteness I’m pretty sure I said “awwwww” no less than six times when looking at all of the pictures.

    gah they are so precious!

  • In other bebe news, Orlando Bloom is going to be a dad! His new wife and supermodel Miranda Kerr a are expecting a little one, yay!…Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer got hitched over the weekend, I really do love when people met on sets and fall in love, it’s just so dreamy…before Katy Perry was wearing short shorts and candy bras she was taking glamour shots at the mall just like everyone else….ever wanted to know what Sean Penn in drag looks like? Well here’s your chance, haha….so Fantasia tried to kill herself, sad I know, but it’s going to be featured on her new VH1 show and her new CD comes out today, something is just so wrong about the timing of all of this…Rachel McAdams celebrated the wrap up of her latest movie and looks like she’d be fun to party with…and the cast of the Romantics looks like they had fun doing a J. Crew shoot…

  • In some favoriteness…
    SAM WORTHINGTON. Oh wait did I write that in all caps? Why yes, yes I did, SAM gets caps. Anyhoozits, my fellow Hollywood lover Julie was on the lookout for me and tweeted this gem last week. This gem combining two of my favorite things Vampires and SAM. Basically SAM has signed on to play a young Dracula (as well as filming a sequel to Clash of the Titans) and that sounds pretty schnazzy to me. And just because here’s Sam coming to LAX last week…

    he makes me swoon...
    but Matt makes me swoon more.

    Sandy! Looks like she is stepping on up in Hollywood and may be costarring in a movie with Tom Hanks soon. Nicely done lady, nicely done.

    Josh is back on the set of Fringe and I think I need to make a detour to Vancouver.

    why hey Josh, how you doing?

  • In today’s Twilightness….
    Stephenie Meyer made FORTY MILLION dollars this past year. And um she hasn’t had to write anything in that time (not counting the Bree book) and just wow, can I be her please?

    And our boy Rob topped Glamour’s 50 Sexiest males list. I mean yeah I could see that.

  • In TV news…
    The Creative Emmy’s were over the weekend and Betty White and NPH straight dominated, woo woo.

    yay NPH! congrats!

    Brothers and Sisters. Looks like the reverend is coming to Pasadena! Which reverend you ask? Only the bestest TV rev ever…REV CAMDEN! And he’s a potential love interest for one of the Walkers…which one? Just read the article!

    Glee. In case you didn’t know miss Brittney Spear herself is making a cameo on Glee this season (in an all Britt Britt episode) and one of the first pictures has already been released. And it’s Britt and Britt and I lurve it!

    oooh la la.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a man that thought it would be a good idea to kill the bat in his home with a gun. No really, the man shot up his house while trying to kill a bat. Seriously people?

And that my friends is what’s going on in Hollywood, anything I missed? Let me know! And stay awesome Hollywood, stay awesome.

happy tuesday!