Yaaaaaay Wedding Week!

First of all, thank you for all of the kind comments on Thursday’s post and OHMYGOD IT’S MY WEDDING WEEK. Okay just had to get that out there, whew.

Anyhoo my last weekend as a non-married woman wasn’t all that exciting but it was worthy enough a blog post so here we go:
Friday: Took the day off of work to do all sorts of weddingness including having my last dress fitting (holy crap I adore my dress), bought some stuff and just did more stuff wedding related, basically it was awesome. Afterwards Matt and I had a little date night with a delicious dinner and wine and just fun lovey dovey times. Once we got home we made our way to the local dive bar nearby to meet up with my parents and aunts and uncles for a night of champagne and cheersing to our future marriage. On top of it my aunts and uncle got us the luggage we registered for and ah! Yay luggage! And basically just yay to the night all around.
Saturday: Slept in which was nice and then made my way to Old Town for some shopping (I have a serious dress addiction and hell Steve Madden shoes too, I heart them) and some other pre-wedding errands. After all sorts of shopping I came home to watch some Stardust (oh how I love that movie, almost as much as Love Actually and Pride and Prejudice) and nap and just ahhhh, glorious. Matt and I had dinner at his dad’s and watched a movie and just enjoyed our ONE WEEK day, haha. The rest of our night was spent being silly and basking in the ohmygoshweregettingmarriedness (well basically it was just me).
Sunday: I indulged in an SVU marathon for most of the day and it was awesome, oh how I love me some Eliot and Olivia. Eventually Matt came home and we had a Target run and I went walking with my mom and it was just a lovely afternoon. Once I got home I made myself a delicious dinner before my friend Megan came over for an evening of Clash of the Titans and pre wedding chat and wine drinking and just all around loveliness.
And because I can’t have a post without a picture, admire our kitchen or what used to be our kitchen and is now the wedding storage facility, haha.
ridiculous right?
and yes a sombrero is making
its way to our wedding.
So um I may or may not mention that I’m getting married this Saturday EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK and I hope you still like me afterwards.
Anyhoozits, how was your weekend?? Any SVU watching or wine drinking?
happy monday!