A most loverly day in Hollywood.

And we’re finally back with the Hollywoodness that I so very much adore. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much but anyhoo, here goes it:

  • Bringing some major cuteness to Hollywood we have Garcelle Beauvais-Nillon and her twin boys Jade and Jax. I mean seriously those boys are freaking adorable.

    can these be my future kids?

  • Also bringing some major cuteness is little Honor Warren with mama Jess. Seriously her cocked eyebrow is so funny and precious, I love it.

    so dang adorable.
  • Also in some bebe news, Barney Stin….er Doogie…er Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting twins! Twins! I mean of course they are, only twins are born in Hollywood, but still, yay I am so excited for them! They will be fabulous dads! Also a parent-to-be is singer Alanis Morisette! Seriously she is just adorable and will be such a fabulous mom.
  • In other Hollywood news…Erykah Badu had to pay a $500 fine after filming a music video naked in Dallas…Tila Tequila was assaulted on stage as she performed for ICP fans, I mean I don’t like her and all but to attack her? Yikes!…Robert Downey Jr. and his wife went on a double date with Jude Law and Sienna Miller, um, cool? Fun times?…Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie got hitched over the weekend, congrats to them, I mean I have always been a Hillary fan and I sort of have a couple of her songs on my ipod…the True Blood trio is rocking out on the cover of Rolling Stone and wow is it scandalous….Speaking of scandalous, Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter is a porn star! I mean wow….and George Clooney is looking mighty Clooneyish (yeah I have no idea what that means) in promo pics for his new movie, The American (which I sort of want to see)…

    why hello there to you too.

  • In some favoriteness…
    Michael C. Hall was on set of the new season of Dexter and I really shouldn’t look since I’m only through two seasons, but man he is swoony.

    oh Dex you’re just so Dex.

    Also a fave, Gwen Stefani looking absolutely divine in a LBD on her way out with the hubby. I mean really, does she always have to look so good??

    seriously, how does this woman
    always look so damn good???

  • And in today’s Twilight news…
    Rob and Kristen are soooo official now. I mean totally. I mean they were making out. I mean I do not freaking care.

    Although Kristen should be worried about Rob, he does look pretty cozy with Katy, haha.

    freaking love this.

  • In music news…
    In case you didn’t see my tweets, I got to interview the top 5 American Idol contestants from last season yesterday. The videos will be up later but I may or may not have developed a slight crush on all of them because they were just so dang funny and cute and did I mention funny? Yeah it was a great time all around and I just may be getting a hang of this whole interviewing thing.
  • In movie news…
    So you know I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (wait you didn’t? Um check out my reading page and you’ll know what booked I’m currently trapped in) right? And apparently Hollywood is making it a movie (like that’s a surprise, Sweden’s already made a version I can’t wait to watch) and has already cast Robyn Wright, Stellan Skaarsgard and Daniel Craig as lead characters and now the leading lady herself has been cast to someone relatively unknown.
  • In TV news…
    GLEE! Seriously I can’t wait for this show to come back. And although there are going to be a million and a half guest stars I do love that we’ll be meeting Sue’s mom played by Carol Burnett! I also love this new promo poster for season 2, I mean is it here yet? I need more musical in my life.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently Jesse Williams is going to be getting half nekkid on screen and there is no way I will complain about that, oooh la freaking la.

  • And lastly in today’s WTF news we have the newest delicacy to come out of Denny’s…the fried cheese melt. I mean even I have my limits. Who the eff thought of this???

So anything I missed? Probably because I’ve been so freaking out of touch with Hollywood, it’s sort of scary. So let me know!

happy wednesday!