Some weekend Swissness.

So the posts might be light this next week and a half but when I do post it’ll be good stuff, I promise! Anyhoozits like a crazy person I went out of town last weekend and trekked up north to Salinas to celebrate my Swissness with lots and lots of family and as always it was a fabulous time.

Friday: Took a half day from work and road tripped it up north with my sister and my cousin Bryan. Luckily it didn’t take us to long to get to our cousins’ house and when we got there the drinks were poured, the laughs were had and it was just a wonderful night all around.
Saturday: After sleeping in for a bit we watched some Glee (I mean yes, I love that my cousins love Glee!) and relaxed before heading over to Brian and Cathy’s house for their 40th anniversary party! Seriously, 40 years! I was definitely teary when they danced together and I just love the love. Okay enough rambling, let’s share some family pics:
the happy couple still very much in love.
I adore their back yard.
Kenji and Kristine gettin down, haha.
Julie and David playing some lasso golf.
Bryan made a new friend, haha.
It was quite a fun afternoon of good eats, lots of drink and a good time all around. Eventually we made our way back to Kenji and Kristine’s place for a night of beer pong, talking smack, wine drinking, laughing, and ridiculousness all around. Basically I love being with my cousins.
Sunday: Picnic day! Every year we make our way to Gonzalez for an afternoon of Swiss music, Swiss family and lots of great food. This year was no different as I enjoyed the company of everyone and just had fun.
woo woo, Swiss!
a snippet of the fam.
a bunch of the fam, there’s just a small number
of us, haha.
Right after the picnic me, Bryan and my sister made our way back home like crazy people. Then again it was also smart since we all had work on Monday. It didn’t take us too long to get home and I was a horrible passenger and passed out for a while but man was I exhausted.
All in all it was a super fun weekend with lots of family that I can’t wait to see again soon at my wedding.
and how was your weekend? Anything fabulous I missed?
happy tuesday!
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