I love.

Taking a page from my friend Jen, I feel like today is a day that the love just needs to be shared. So here’s what I’m currently loving…

  • When my newest favorite song comes on the radio and I can finally sing it at the top of my lungs.
  • The healthy feeling I get when I eat dried cranberries for a snack instead of the entire bag of white cheddar popcorn.
  • Hearing my little brothers talk about my wedding.
  • A road trip with my sister and cousin to Salinas to hang out with my ginormous family.
  • That I’m insane enough to take yet another vacation two weeks before my wedding, haha.
  • Accosting posters of Edward.

    thanks Lacey for the awesomeness.

  • Reading other recaps from BlogHer.
  • That in two weeks all of my closest friends and family will be here and it will be glorious and oh, oh I’m also getting married, no biggie though.
  • Having spontaneous date nights and learning new things about Matt.
  • This Kate Spade book of the month clutch. Seriously I don’t even use clutches but I kind of sort of want it.
  • Putting on a soft shirt right out of the laundry.
  • Knowing so many talented bloggers who have made me pretty things for the wedding.
  • Drinking wine on a Thursday night…or any night.
So what are you loving these days? I mean let’s always remember it’s all about the little things, little things people.

Hope you have a love-filled weekend! Woo!

happy friday!