Tutus, Unicorns and Cheeseburgers…aka BlogHer Part Deux.

Part I of the BlogHer bonanza here.

So Saturday, oh Saturday. Woke up nice and early went to a few sessions, met some new people, wandered the expo hall, had lots of cheese samples and cookie samples and saw the sun…

Basically it was another awesome day at the conference and I loved every minute of it.

Eventually I decided to take a break and go on a little stroll with Lilu, Lacey and Jess where we came across a wonderful happy hour. And from one happy hour to another we made our way to Johnny Utah’s for the 20SB NYC Meetup. It was so fun to see some of my favorites and meet some new bloggers. Oh and did I mention that this whole time I was rocking a tutu and ballerina flats and Lilu was rocking out with a cape and a boa? Yeah you can say it: BADASS. (or ridiculous, either one applies here).

the whole fabulous crew. heartfaces all around.

me and miss Doniree looking quite devious.

After the meetup it was time for Sparklecorn and CheeseburgHer, hands down the most fun parties at BlogHer. I went to Sparklecorn last year and I’ve been to I believe four precious Cheeseburgher parties and just wow. Every time it gets a little more nuts and a little more fun and a lot more crazy. I mean why am I still rambling, just let the pictures do their job.

I mean yes, this cake was awesome and the
Ace of Cakes people made it! I=in awe.

I mean of course I had to take a picture
with Dex.

Lilu and Lacey have some kick ass moves.

it’s Rich!!! aka the man that writes the
Top Model recaps ever.
And I made sure to tell him that nonstop.
foot-in-mouth moment like wo.
I mean wo.
Just ask Lacey.

I mean yeah, I miss her already.

Rocking the hat and tutu to the max.

Lacey, Jamie and Me rocking our burger hats.

love the photo booth pic.
so silly.

And then, AND THEN. You didn’t think the night ended there did you? AND THEN Came the video. The video that is just too ridiculous for words. As in Jamie and Katelin video blog BlogHer for the THIRD year in a row (with special guest Lacey ) and it’s just too much. So much in fact that if you want to see it you have to email me for the password, haha. I know, silly right? But um I have a reputation to keep (well sometimes). So email me or Lacey or Jamie and we’ll pass it on (if we’re not too embarrassed), hopefully, haha.

And then Sunday I went to a glorious brunch with some of my faves where there were two for one bellinis and a frittata and it was awesome and then an afternoon in Central Park and Rachel came and my day was made. Pretty much I loved my weekend in the city with some of my favorite girls doing some of my favorite things and I cannot wait to go back and hang out with them all again.

Also don’t forget to check Lilu’s recap of the night and Lacey’s of the whole conference, woo.

So that, that was BlogHer and it was awesome and I’m finally mostly recovered. Now get excited because 2011 it’s in San Diego? Who’s coming with me?!
happy thursday!