A little BlogHer teaser.

So I was going to write a BlogHer recap but then my body vetoed that idea and made me crawl into bed and try to get back the hours of sleep I didn’t have over the weekend, haha. So instead I’m giving you a teaser and basically saying that my weekend in New York City was everything I hoped it would be and a lot more ridiculous than I could have possibly anticipated. So tomorrow I promise a real recap because last weekend definitely deserves it.

In the mean time check out Jessica and Lilu‘s recaps and enjoy a few pictures to tide you over.
Jess and I riding in a rickshaw driven
by MARIO. I mean how amazing is that!?
I could so be her.
Lacey and Jamie having fun with
the Jonas Brothers.
I mean I heart these two.
And how was your weekend? Let me know in case I have to resort to “mark as read” in my reader again. I swear I’ll be a good commenter again soonish but you know, life is kicking my ass right now. Anyways, fill me in! What did you do!? How are you!? Heartfaces.
happy tuesday!