To BlogHer I go!

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? What time of year you ask? Well BlogHer time of course!

I surely can’t believe it. Then again last time I checked it was January and there was still plenty of time until anything and now we’re in August and I’m headed to New York City instead of doing wedding stuff or life stuff and getting ready to do fun stuff, crazy pants!

Anyhoo, this year will mark my third BlogHer adventure (BlogHer ’08 and ’09) and I sort of feel like a BlogHer vet, just call me the yoda of BlogHer (okay that might be stretching it since I know plenty of people have been to every BlogHer). As fun as the conference has been in the past and as awesome as the parties have been I think I’m most excited to see some of my favorite blogger friends. I mean I only get to see some of my blogger faves once or twice a year if that and this is one of those times and I absolutely love it.
Well and it also doesn’t hurt that I get to see my faves in New York City, a place I haven’t been to in eight years. Nope that doesn’t hurt at all.
So are you in New York? Coming to BlogHer, not coming to Blogher, come out with a bunch of us on Saturday night!
And if you can’t make that tweet me or email me and hopefully we can meet up!
Otherwise I’ll be back next week probably with tales of little sleep, bags on my head, amazing conversations, bull riding stories, silly shenanigans and possible vlogs that I may or may not share, haha. Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week and quite loverly weekends!
happy thursday!