A Hollywood bride.

Seriously why do weekends go by so quickly? It’s just not right. Oh wait, I’m still enjoying the weekend? Why yes, yes I am. But still, the real weekend flew by. Anyhoozits a weekend recap is in order so here we go:

Friday: Matt and I got our wedding license in the morning and I officially wrote down my new last name (weeeeeeeeeeird!). Afterwards I had another dress fitting and I just keep on loving my dress and can’t wait to wear it for real! The rest of the night was spent having a lovely dinner with Matt’s mom and just drinking wine and relaxing at home, because man did we need it.
Saturday: Spent most of the afternoon shopping with my sister (I might have a dress addiction since I bought THREE new ones) and then made a little stop at the Clinique counter at Macy’s to get my makeup done. So yes my makeup dilemma has been solved, I had my makeup done and bought some products and my super awesome friends are going to do it for me on my wedding day. Also, we solved the eyebrow issue too with the magic of an eyebrow brush, win win all around.
After getting my makeup done we were on our way home to change and get ready to head to my bridal shower! My godmother, with the help of my mom, hosted the most fabulous Hollywood themed bridal shower ever. I mean seriously just look at these pictures and tell me it wasn’t the most appropriate party for me ever??
I was a little too excited about getting a
slow cooker, haha.
rocking the ribbon bouquet with my So Cal
bridesmaids, woo.
a little bit of Hollywood.
hanging out with two of my aunts, loverly.
how amazing is this cake!?!
and it was red velvet and delicious!
with my mom and my godmother, the hostess.
LOVE them both so much.
the view from the party.
even the Twilight kids made an appearance
on the red carpet, haha.
love all the little fun details.
All in all it was a great shower and it was just so fun for so many people to hang out, drink sangria, play movie related games (even if I did win most of them, haha) and just celebrate and ah, it was so much love and I am just so blessed.
Sunday: Spent the morning relaxing before heading to the Pantages to see Young Frankenstein with Matt’s family for his mom’s birthday. I’ve never actually seen the movie (for shame! I know, it’s bad) but the musical was hilarious and I can’t wait to watch the movie. After the musical we all hung out for a bit before heading to my parent’s house for my little brother’s 13th birthday party (ah! my brother is a teen! how did that happen!? my baby brother! crazy pants!).
Basically it was a fabulous weekend with lots of Hollywood and lots of wine and lots of ohmygoshwe’regettingmarriedsosoon moments, haha.
And how was your weekend? Full of awesome? I hope so!
happy monday!