The Case of the missing eyebrow.

A couple months ago I happened to look in the mirror when I noticed something looked a little off. Something was missing….

Part of my freaking eyebrow.

I kid you not folks, it’s just gone away. My left eyebrow has decided it doesn’t want to be full any more, rather just a partial brow of sorts and I am totally baffled.

I have no idea what happened or who attacked me with a razor in my sleep but it’s weird. Maybe I’m just a medical mystery or I should hire Patrick Jane to figure out what happened (yes I realize no one died just my eye brow, but still having Simon Baker investigate would not be a bad idea).

Anyhoo, want to see the evidence? Here it is:

I mean right!? What the hell!?
Then again no one has really noticed it until I point it out to them so it’s not that bad. But now you all know and I know and yeah, I just want my eyebrow back, haha.
So if you know any eyebrow remedies send them my way please.
So have you lost anything lately, haha?
happy friday!
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