It’s a circus in Hollywood.

Why hello there Hollywood, I felt so out of the loop last week and this week but now I’m all caught up (at least I hope I am) and here to share with you, so here we go:

  • Starting out this week with some super cuteness we have baby Lou. *and her mom Heidi Klum, apparently that needed to be added, whoops* I mean really, my future daughter can maybe look like this and ah, she’s just so squishy and cute and heartface:

    aw squishy squishy cuteness!
  • Also bringing in some major cuteness is Sabrin…er Melissa Joan Hart and her oh so adorable boys. Seriously they are so smiley and just dang precious.

    aw little mama’s boys, heart.
  • Moving on from the bebes and onto some Hollywood news…Chris Tucker owes the IRS a ridiculous amount of money, I mean how does he even have that much?! He’s done like 4 movies! But man, better pay up Chris….want to know how jail is for Lindsay Lohan, just follow this twitter, I’d say it’s pretty accurate, haha…the Zefron is apparently quite the party boy and enjoyed a nice night out to but it mildly…the Old Spice guy is on fire right now, he’s landed two movie roles and basically just kicking ass everywhere, love it…in weird ass news, the Westboro Church of crazies is going to picket a Justin Bieber concert. Apparently they do not have Bieber Fever…apparently Wyclef is expected to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti soon and man would that be crazy, sort of awesome, but just crazy, hopefully he can do some more good…and lastly Jen Garner, one of my faves, rocking a tiara on the set of Arthur and seriously she just always looks so care free and I love it:

    can I borrow that tiara please?

  • And in some favoriteness….
    Oh there’s lots today. First of all happy belated birthday to my girl Sandy Bullock (oh yes I can call her Sandy, we’re practically BFFs)!

    Secondly. PACEY-CON. Um. I am so insanely jealous I didn’t go to this. Also, my friend who works for Funny or Die is in the video and got to work with Josh on this and yeah, I’m uber jealous. Watch it and have your crush on Joshua Jackson grow a little bit more.

    Thirdly. I asked for more Sam sightings and I’m finally getting them. First a new movie trailer (ooooh drama, suspense, hawtness) and then, AND THEN thanks to Julie for sending this gloriously ridiculous and hilarious and shirtless picture, haha:

    love it. A LOT. haha.

  • In today’s Twilightness…
    We have more Rob on the set of Water for Elephants looking dapper yet again in a suit of sorts and just suave. Also unrelated, my cousin got to visit the set over the weekend and meet Rosie the elephant and saw Rob filming scenes and I died a horrible jealous death, haha.

    why helloooo there.
  • In movie news…
    Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Now I’m still not sure how I feel about this movie or what it will be about (and clearly the first one is still the best hands down) but these pictures do look pretty awesome and Penelope Cruz makes quite the pirate.

    Mulan. Also Disney related, apparently a live action version of the Disney movie has been given the green light. All I have to say is that Shang has some high standards to live up to because he was one good looking cartoon.

  • In TV news…
    Desperate Housewives. Looks like Vanessa Williams won’t be the only new neighbor on the block next season, Brian Austen Green has reportedly joined the cast as a contractor (competition for Mike perhaps? actually no, Mike is too good looking for competition). Marc Cherry has also said that he’d like to add a guest spot for his good friend and Hollywood IT girl, Betty White. Um YES PLEASE! Can you imagine Betty and Mrs. McClusky? Amazingness.

    Big Bang Theory. I haven’t talked about this show in a while, weird right? Well the Ausiello Files put up a great interview with the cast that definitely made me laugh and super excited for next season, check it out.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news apparently Darth Vader has left the Death Star to rob banks? Who knew?

So anything I missed? Let me know because I feel like there’s gotta be something.

happy thursday!