Down by the riiiiver.

So I know I didn’t really announce it, but if you saw my tweets last week (and the lack of posting) you could tell that I was on vacation last week. And man what a crazy week it was.

Tuesday: After being in San Francisco for a work event I got to explore the wharf a bit and have a great afternoon with my cousin Brittany. Although it was cold, I expected it and it was sort of fabulous and we had a great dinner and happy hour drinks and just loverly all around. After dinner I relaxed at my hotel a bit before heading over to Nicole and Jamie‘s place for drinks and dessert. And basically I heart those girls like wo. And it was a great night of drinking and catching up and laughing and just being ridiculous.
Wednesday: Matt’s dad picked me up and we were our way to Guerneville.
the golden gate bridge is just so gorgeous.
And what’s in Guerneville you ask? Matt’s family owns a house there (where I went back in September for his family reunion) and his brother rented it for the week and oh what a week it was.
Pretty much Wednesday night through Sunday looked a lot like this: wine drinking, Cranium, cards, cute babies, wine tasting, wine drinking, lots of laughing, pie making, pie eating, river swimming, river drinking, naps, reading, more laughing, more wine drinking, more playing with cute babies, fun times all around.
It was an amazing vacation and just the break I needed before the madness of the month o wedding sets in. Anyhoo pictures are where it’s really at right? So here we go:
Matt and some of the boys hanging out.
Brad enjoying a day on the river.
Matt playing with the cutest lil bebe.
little Gracie working on her balancing skills.
we’re basically one big family and I LOVE it.
the barrels at the winery, amazing.
Matt and his brothers outside the winery.
me and Matt enjoying our winetastic day.
Matt iced Matt and himself, ridiculous.
oh how I love wineries.
Basically it was a freaking fabulous week of getting to know my future in-laws, having fun with Matt, relaxing in the river, working on my tan, playing with babies and just having a great time all around. Pretty much everyone needs a week at the river.
So yes a perfect getaway before the madness and thank you all for your comments on my last post it seriously means a lot.
So how was your week? What’d I miss? Let me know because I doubt I’ll make it through my reader and I want to be all caught up!
happy tuesday!