Wedding chit chat.

More wedding talk? I know it’s getting ridiculous. And I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but it’s all over the brain (well when I’m not thinking about the next episode of Dexter and IS DOAKES GOING TO FIND OUT?!?! and HOLY CRAP LILA and AH DEXTER YOU HAVE SUCH A CUTE SMIRK) and apparently I’m obsessed with caps (I blame Nicole).

But people we are almost to the one month mark, ONE FREAKING MONTH. I know everyone said time would fly by and seriously they weren’t kidding, it feels like freaking yesterday that Matt was down on one knee, I mean really, REALLY.

However as much as I’m not freaking out (you wouldn’t know it from all the caps) I have so much going on it’s sort of insane for any bride-to-be. I mean want to know what my next month looks like? Of course you do.

  • Trip to Guerneville with Matt’s family.
  • Summer Friday to get our license, have a fitting, order our cake.
  • BlogHer in NYC (woo woo! are you going?).
  • Annual family reunion/picnic in Salinas.
  • Probably another Summer Friday for another fitting because apparently fittings don’t happen on weekends.

and BOOM! Two weeks later, I’m getting hitched. Serious crazy pants ridiculous here people. Minus the fact that we’re totally slacking on booking our honeymoon stuff, I feel okay about the wedding prep. I mean there is lots of little crafts to be done (hello bridesmaids!) and just people to call and things to check off lists (that might be one of my favorite things, checking things off lists, oh so liberating!) and just yes. It’s coming up people and I couldn’t be happier.

Also! Oh you thought I was done there didn’t you? (I did too actually). As you all know I’m going on my honeymoon for two weeks and I don’t want to abandon the blog, so any suggestions? I think I’m going to ask for guest bloggers but I want to give them a theme or some direction or something to fill those nine days (yes I plan on blogging briefly the Monday after I’m married, what can I say? I’m obsessed). So any ideas for themes or questions to ask potential guesters?

You all rock my socks off and thanks for tolerating the wedding jibber jabber. I appreciate it and heartfaces to you all.

happy wednesday!