Super hot, super fun weekend.

So remember two weeks ago when I was complaining about how gross and overcast it was? Yeah well let’s slap the me from the past because my goodness it’s freaking hot here. I mean really it’s sort of ridiculous how hot it’s been I can’t believe I even did anything this weekend. But alas I did and it was quite loverly.

Friday: After work Matt and I had a little date night to a sushi place near our apartment that we’d never been too before and it was quite delicious. And not only delicious it was a fun place too. After dinner we hung out for a bit before my cousin Bryan came to pick us up and we went to CPK (ridiculous right? haha). We had a fun little time hanging at the bar while Bryan had dinner and I had dessert and we had drinks and it was just fun. After CPK we made our way to a bar to play some pool (well I watched and had bad drinks) with some of Bryan’s friends and just had a good night all together, twas loverly.

Saturday: Slept in a bit before Matt and I crazily decided to head to Universal Studios to try out tram ride with the new King Kong attraction. Luckily we have front of the line passes so we didn’t have to wait at all which was nice, but man was it scorching! The ride was a lot of fun and 360 3D is sort of nuts and yeah, good times all around. After Universal Studios we had some lunch and then came home and Matt napped and I was determined to do something wedding related so I went and bought some random things and gifts for my bridesmaids and I just finally felt productive. And as a little treat to myself I bought this and I AM IN LOVE:

so cute, right? ah. love.

The rest of the day was spent blaring our AC until my sister invited us to Dave and Buster’s with my little brothers. Playing games and drinks and having fun? Yes please! It was just fun times all around.

Sunday: Slept in a bit and then spent most of my day watching the second season of Dexter. It was sort of ridiculous how much Dexter I watched, but it’s just SO GOOD. Luckily my cousin and my aunt invited me out for a drink and some lunch otherwise I would have watched Dexter all day, haha. After lunch I skyped with my friend Jen which is always fun and then watched some Dexter (surprise!) before heading out to dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday. It was fun times with the family and some quality time after but let’s be honest, the rest of my night was spent blogging and more Dexter watching (I need to get it in while I can people!).

Anyhoo so that was my weekend, not too crazy but not too relaxing either and just what I needed before this week happens and gets all sorts of nuts!

And how was your weekend? Surviving the heat or the storms or the humidity or whatever you have?

happy monday!