Things that are awesome.

Because it’s Friday (and that in itself is awesome) I thought I’d share some awesome things going on right now:

  • Friday is going on. Okay I know that’s repetitive but oh how I cherish Fridays. Even better is a date night Friday. What are we doing for date night? No clue. But spontaneous date nights are fun too.
  • I saw Eclipse for a second time with my sister last night and I must say seeing a movie at 8 as opposed to midnight is quite different, but ummyes of course I still loved it, bad wigs and all.
  • Matt and I finally booked one of the hotels for our honeymoon (I know, I know we’re slackers and holy crap we still have to book four more hotels, hold me, hire a travel agent, ah! bring wine) and I am in love. Someone described it as being similar to the house in Under the Tuscan Sun and I might have squealed.

    swoonfest right? right!
    I mean it screams rustic Italy and
    I cannot wait to be there.

  • I’m on book #25 for the year and my goal was 40. I’m pretty sure I can do it at this pace and that’s just awesome, woo!
  • And lastly for today’s awesomeness, my friendito and my co-maid of honor BFF Jen has started blogging! And it’s pretty funny and cute and she’s shared yummy recipes and um she takes pictures like this with me:

    So you know her blog has to be entertaining right? Right. Do it. Read it. Win.

So any more things that are awesome? Share away. I like awesome things.

happy weekend!