I am so amused and quite easily.

As you all know, I am quite easily amused (heck I have a label titled “i’m easily amused“) and lately there have been several things making me chuckle on a regular basis that you should probably know about if you don’t already.

The newest Kia Soul commercial. Um I don’t even care about the car, but for some reason, rapping hamsters is the key to my soul (ba dum ching) because this commercial makes me laugh every time it’s on TV.

The Big Bang Theory. Yes I keep talking about this show, but ohmygoditsamazing. Basically when I get hooked on something new, I’m hooked for good (hello The Mentalist, Twilight mania, apples and cheese, etc). Matt and I just finished Season 2 and I cannot wait for Season 3 to be on DVD or Season 4 to start up in the Fall because this show always has me laughing. And in case you don’t believe me check out this Christmas episode snippet and the ball pit, two of my most favorite scenes. (Also, Jim Parsons interview on Craig Ferguson…LOVE IT…Ding Dong!)

Wipeout. People that aren’t me falling down and making asses of themselves? Sure. It makes me laugh. (also, how weird is it that I wrote a post about this show almost two years ago?? clearly my maturity level has not risen since then)

Okay so I know I said several things but that’s just three and three isn’t really several but just go with it okay? Awesome. They’re funny right? Or I’m just ridiculous, either one works. So what’s making you giggle lately? Don’t be selfish, share the smiles people! :)

happy thursday!