Hip hip Hollywood.

Totally not Hollywood related, but don’t forget my giveaway ends this afternoon, so enter away!

Anyhoo moving onto Hollywoodness. However a disclosure before this post, I’ve already taken Advil PM so I apologize for the run-on sentences and Rob gawking and rambling ahead of time. And go!

  • Starting off this week’s oh so adorableness we have little baby Lou. Seriously how freaking precious is she?! Ah! Heidi Klum and Seal make beautiful babies.

    ohmygoodnessgracious preciousness!

  • Also bringing some uber cuteness is my fave Hollywood tiny tots, Violet and Seraphina Affleck. Seriously how could I not post these pics of them celebrating the 4th with mama Jen all decked out in patriotic wear? I mean it’s almost too cute for words.

    oh how I heart them all.

  • Moving on from the bebes and onto some other Hollywood scoop…Lindsay Lohan is headed to jail! Well she was sentenced to 90 days so who knows how long she’ll actually serve before heading to 90 days of rehab. But seriously that judge was a badass and I hope Lindsay serves the full sentence, especially when she went to court rocking this…speaking of bimbos, can you spot the real Kim in this pic? Or the real boobs? Wait are there any here?…However someone who’s not a bimbo and rather awesome, Zoe Saldana recently got engaged, congrats!…Another classy lady, Angelina Jolie looked quite chic and summery at a Salt promo event in Mexico, seriously it’s sort of ridiculous…Kendra decided to open up about her stripper and drug abuse past and umm, okay…and finally, in some super cute coupledom, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto hit the red carpet at the Last Airbender premiere last week and seriously they are too cute:

    love her dress, heart them.

  • And in some favoriteness…
    Matt Daaaaaaaaamon (have you seen Team America? then you would get that reference) But um Matt. He’s swoony, even if he’s just playing poker.

    love that smile.

  • In today’s Twilight news… (seriously Eclipse is out and I’ve been talking Twilight for over a year, but apparently I just can’t stop and I hope you don’t mind).

    So you think you’ve seen the most ridiculous Twilight products? Think again. Check out some of these gems and then wow, just wow.

    And in Robness, there are some new cute pics of him on set of Water for Elephants and he’s in a tux and so dapper and I cannot wait for this movie and swoon and aw and mmm and yeah just check it out:

    rob you should always wear a tux.

  • In today’s movie news…
    Not really news but more just fun, check out this video montage of the 100 cheesiest lines in movies. And I’m not ashamed to say that Keanu makes more than one appearance, haha.
  • In today’s TV news…
    Project Runway. The 8th season of one of my newest favorite reality shows is coming back on the 29th and it’s coming back in a big way, 90 minute episodes. Not that I don’t love the show already but that is just way too long and I will definitely be utilizing my DVR capabilities.

    Brothers and Sisters. As if losing Tommy and Robert wasn’t enough, apparently Rebecca is on her way to being downsized as well. Hopefully this doesn’t mean less of Justin but who knows?

    Glee. As much as I love this show all of the guest stars are sort of getting out of hand. I mean will any episode next season have just the original cast?? Anyhoo, a very unexpected guest star has been slated for next season, Javier Bardem. I had no idea he was musical. But I guess we’ll find out.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a 91 year old woman that just doesn’t know how to say goodbye. I mean she kept the corpses of her husband and twin sister embalmed in her house…SAY WHAT!? Yeah just read the story, it’s nuts.

Anything I missed? As always let me know, woo!

happy wednesday!