Good friends, good family, good holiday weekend.

Oh how I love a good long weekend, I mean every weekend should be a long weekend really, it’s just more fun that way.

Friday: Worked a half day (thank goodness!) and before I knew it I was home relaxing and it was loverly. However, relaxing got boring and we decided to take my younger brother to see Toy Story 3. Seriously it was so cute. I didn’t cry but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. I mean really, I don’t think Pixar can do wrong. After the movie Matt and I headed over to his cousin’s house and just hung out in her yard drinking wine and talking and it was so fun catching up and just being summery.
Saturday: Slept in and man was it glorious. Went to Megan’s boyfriend, JR’s birthday party. It was so much fun hanging out and drinking boxed sangria and listening to some music and meeting new people and basically a great afternoon all around. After the party I was on my way to my aunt and uncle’s house for a taco and margarita kind of night. It was delicious and fun and another good time all around with Matt and family and I luuurved it.
Sunday: Happy 4th of July! After sleeping in a bit and doing some cleaning I went to my cousins’ house to go swimming for a bit (it was the perfect weather). After some swim time I came home, showered up and went on over to my parent’s house for their annual 4th of July block party BBQ. It was full of good food and great people and the fire department showed up as always and it was just a great time. On top of it there was a ridiculous amount of Jell-O shots this year and it definitely made the afternoon entertaining especially watching my aunts and uncles and future father-in-law have them as well.
oh my brothers and cousins are quite ridiculous.
my great aunt and my grandma
showing some patriotic spirit.
Matt and my sister clearly having a good time.
the future in-laws having a good time.
JR got Iced. more than once.
it was ridiculous.
me and Megan having a good time.
and JR clearly recovering in the background, haha.
Matt and I showing off our American pride, wee!
After the BBQ at my parents’ house Matt and I headed to his mom’s house to check out the view of some fireworks shows. It wasn’t too bad, there were some trees in the way but we still got to see a lot and it was pretty fun and definitely a great way to end the night.
Monday: Slept in a bit before heading to my VERY FIRST DRESS FITTING with my mom and Matt’s mom. Holy crap I tried on my dress and they fitted it and I love it and I look zexy and my shoes look great with it and my necklace matches wonderfully and I LOVE it and holy crap my goodness, my dress! After the dress fitting the three of us had lunch and it was fun to just hang out with the moms and talk wedding and talk life and just talk.
After I got home I was pretty much useless and passed out on the couch on and off for a couple hours after talking some wedding stuff with Matt. Eventually I got up and we went to the Counter with my sister and her boyfriend which was delicious as always. After dinner they came over and so did my cousins and we all enjoyed some wine and some wedding cake (thank you free samples) and some Big Bang Theory (seriously you need to be watching it already). Pretty much it was an excellent day all around.
So yeah it was a great weekend and I’d like to have it keep being weekend okay? No? Not going to work? Dangit. Well at least it’s only a four day work week right? Sweetness.
And how was your weekend? Full of patriotic awesomeness? Or just some non-US weekend loveliness? Superb.
happy tuesday!