I’ve got the Dodger Blues.

Oh what a fabulous weekend and I’m so sad to see it go. But let’s recap shall we?

Friday: I took the day off of work but man I did not relax. My day started at 9 and went something like this: Meet with the florist, finalize order. Pay bill at the doctor’s office. Eye appointment. Productive trip to Target. Visit with my aunt real quick. Reading time. Nap time. Cake meeting (um, YUM!). Pretty much it was an awesomely productive day and I rewarded myself by going out to dinner with Matt and then seeing the A-Team with him and my sister and her boyfriend and it was awesome. So really, if you haven’t seen A-Team yet, you need to, it was entertaining and a fun movie all around.
Saturday: Slept in a bit, worked out a bit, cleaned a bit and then was on my way to my brother’s graduation party. Seriously my little brother and my cousin both graduated 8th grade and are going into high school!! How did that happen!? I mean, I actually remember the day he was born, it’s crazy.
After the party we came home and I watched the Time Traveler’s Wife (eh, I wasn’t all that impressed) and Matt napped and we pretty much just hung out, it was nice. Eventually my sister, and my friend AJ and his friends came over and we drank some beers (well obviously I drank wine) and watched some Fantasy Factory and shared stories and eventually we all made our way to our local dive bar and my cousin and his friends met up with us and it was just a grand ole night of hanging out.
Sunday: DODGER DAY! Pretty much all I did was sleep, work out and get dressed in my Dodger blues and before I knew it, it was game time! Matt’s dad’s friend had a luxury suite and invited him and his family along, so we all got to go and oh my goodness people I was in heaven! The box had an amazing view:
fantastic right!?
There were dodger dogs and unlimited drinks and good company and TVs on delay so you could basically watch the game twice and ah, it was heavenly. Not only that, but a couple boxes down who do we see? Oh just Tom Hanks. And then looking through the binoculars a little ways down who else is at the game? Oh just Tom Cruise and his kids and the Zefron chatting it up with Demi and Ashton, no big deal you know? Basically the game was awesome and the Dodgers should have had the win but oh you know, Johnny B decided to throw the game. So despite losing it was still a great night. And on our way out of the suite who do I see coming out of the bathroom? Oh Tom Hanks. And his wife, Rita Wilson, was waiting at the end of the hallway. Basically all I wanted to say was “there’s no crying in baseball!!”, it was awesome.
trying to get all artsy with Matt’s glasses.
such a delicious candy apple, yummm.
oh hello Ethier!!
Andre up at bat, woo!
After the game we all got to go to the Dugout club or Clubhouse whatever it’s called and I might have squealed. I was seriously in baseball heaven, it was amazing. So many great pictures on the wall and the World Series trophies and yeah it was sweet. And not only that, I got to walk on the field level and Michaela ran over and got to shake Tom Cruise’s hand (again!) and we saw some big wig super agent guy and yeah, awesomeness all around.
an awesome Jackie Robinson display in the club.
Not only that, but I fulfilled something on my life list. I stepped on the field. I literally put my feet on the field and came back and I may or may not (yes I totally did) have had some tears of happiness in my eyes and the guy watching the gate might have laughed at me a bit but I didn’t care I was happy.
standing pretty damn close to the filed, ah!
the actual dirt I stepped on.
yes I took a picture.
and yes I am a HUGE dork.
Pretty much it was an amazing night and I am so grateful my first game of the season was so fantastic and amazing and basically life changing. I think a win would have been the only thing to make it better.
And how was your weekend? Any celeb sightings or sports events? Woo!
happy monday!

*also. 2 months from today I’m getting married! ah! ohmygoodness! yay!*