A Me-over.

A couple days ago I was in the grocery store and I realized that I needed a Me-over.

And with that I bought all sorts of veggies and random foods that I never buy regularly (chick peas, cottage cheese, artichoke hearts to name a few) and came home rejuvenated. I realized that I needed to start eating better and more balanced. So I did.

The next night I was home by myself and I made myself this dinner with a few alterations and it was delicious and different and I was proud of myself. After dinner I did the dishes right away, then brought out the massive stack of bills and papers I had let accumulate on our dresser and filed them all away while I watched a movie that had been sitting on our DVR for a month.

Eventually I was done sorting and filing and throwing stuff away and it felt amazing. It felt like my life had been sorted out just a little bit more.

That night after a trip to the bar I came home, put laundry away and washed my face before bed (a habit I have been desperately trying to keep) and did a little reading on Italy. It was like something clicked.

Now the only thing missing from this new, inspired and motivated me is the working out part. If you remember at the beginning of the year I was working out a lot, training for the half marathon and just being a good ole Loser. And then I got sick, got busy, demotivated, and thoroughly enjoyed my sleep. And I still do.

But now the fact that I have my first official dress fitting in less than three weeks is starting to press on me. I have been the complete opposite of most brides and have probably gained weight, instead of lost it and it’s just frustrating.

So what’s the point of this post? To put it all out there again. Putting it out there that I, Katelin will tone up what I have, not go all crazy diet on everyone but will eat healthier and in smaller portions and get my butt in gear and utilize the EA Active again and walk around the Rose Bowl on a regular basis again and look all sorts of awesome when August 28th rolls around.

So this my friends is the beginning of my Me-over. Wish me luck.

ah! a cupcake! get it away!

happy weekend!