The name game.

So I was going to surprise everyone and just magically switch my blog to wordpress one day but turns out there is a lot to go into it and how I’m going to have to get some new schnazzy pants design because there is no way I can do it myself and who just wants to make something pretty for me anyways?

And with this whole switch comes the big question about my blog name.

When I started this little blog three years ago I picked a quote from one of my favorite Dispatch songs “Flying Horses” (seriously listen to it) and gorgeous footsteps in the sand… was born. However I never realized that such a long title and such a long blogspot would be such a hassle to tell people and rewrite myself and get down and it was just a hassle.

So a year or so later I finally went to google and bought because it was cute and short and simple and easy to remember and sort of linked up to my blog title.

So now the question is, what do I do about my new blog and the title???

Do I keep gorgeous footsteps in the sand or do I rebrand the blog as pretty sandy feet?

Ah! Dilemma! Decisions! Help! I’m torn!

And this is where you all come in. Yes I’ve already asked on Twitter more than once (and most of you voted to change) but clearly I need some more convincing. Help a sister out and vote and give me good reasons and tell me it’ll all be okay when I move this blog and ah, hold me.

an homage to my original header pic.
er at least i think it was the original.
close to at least.

happy thursday!