A hankering for Hollywood.

Helloooo Hollywood! And welcome to Tuesday. Here we go!

  • Starting off this week’s uber cuteness we have little Levi and Mama Camila on a bike ride. Seriously he is such a cutie, but where was shirtless daddy this time?

    he looks so nervous, but it’s so cute!

  • Also bringing some uber cuteness is soon-to-be big sister Olive Cohen with mama Isla Fisher. Seriously that girl is always grinning and I love that Isla checked out “I’m a Big Sister” for her, precious!

    smiley preciousness, lurve it.
  • Also in bebe news, some congrats are also in order to new mom Amy Adams and third time mom Claudia Schiffer, who both welcomed little girls over the weekend!
  • In some non-bebe news…Jessica Biel is Broadway bound! Girl’s come a long way from 7th Heaven alright, wow….Remember Chris Klein? Apparently he auditioned for Mama Mia! and I honestly don’t know why he didn’t get the part *lots of sarcasm*…Betty White and Tracy Morgan did a photo shoot together and the behind the scenes video is exactly the ridiculousness you would expect…Salma Hayek is changing her name because her daughter asked her too, cute?…And talk about aging gracefully, Diane Lane looked amazing at Cannes over the weekend and I would totally rock that elegant blue dress, seriously she is awesome:

    oh la la.

  • In some favorites news..
    Hollywood hottie Ryan Gosling graced LAX Sunday and I never knew a cardigan could look so good on a man, I mean really, swoonface.

    hawtness to the nth degree, haha.

  • In Twilight news…
    The Eclipse soundtrack listing has officially been released and yep, looks about as emo and dark and broody as the other two and I’ll definitely be owning it.

    Also, Rob got a hair cut! Ahhhhh. Well not really ahhh but still, big news people, big news, haha. I kid, I could care less but I love how everyone went nuts. And as much as I love Twilight I can’t wait for Water for Elephants to start filming and come to theaters, I hope they do it justice.

    Also in Twilight news, a big congrats goes out to the ladies at Letters to Twilight who will be dining with Stephenie Meyer at a super secret, super elite, special luncheon to talk all things Twilight. Um awesome right? And just think, I gave one of the co-founders my copy of Twilight to read and the rest is history, congrats girls!

  • And in movie news…
    Two Marilyn Monroe biopics are in the works and Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams will both be playing her. I wonder who will do it best? And seriously how does this always happen? I mean Capote and Infamous? Volcano and Dante’s Peak? Weird.
  • And in TV news…
    Law and Order. The original has officially be axed after twenty seasons on the air. It was the original L&O that got me into SVU and made me such a fan so it’s sort of sad to see it go even if the whole cast is completely different, haha.

    Heroes. Another one of my old favorites has been canceled after only four seasons. It had a good run though and brought us some new stars and sayings “Save the cheerleader, save the world”, whatever that means, haha.

    The Mentalist. Looks like Jane has a lady love? Interesting. Also, is it me or is the man getting more suave as the season goes on? Swoooon.

    Top Model. Well another season over and I actually didn’t care that much. I feel like some of the best girls went home too soon and I did not like any of the top four all that much. And could they have made it any more obvious who was going to win it? I mean really. Anyhoozits, check out Four Four for spoilers and a giftastic post.

    Desperate Housewives. Oh what a finale! Check out my recap over here.

  • Lastly in today’s WTFness we have Tila Tequilla. I mean really. Ew. I’d be okay if she hopped on that plane to nowhere with the fellow banned peoples.

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!