Four years in USville.

Just think…

Ten years ago we met in Gianni’s backyard.

Nine years ago went to prom together.

Eight years ago went to prom together again.

Seven years ago we finished our first year of college in different states.

Six years ago I visited you in Arizona and we pretended to date so some girls would leave you alone.

Five years ago we swapped hook up stories and talked about how great college was.

Four years ago we started dating and everyone else said “it’s about time.”

Four years ago we said “I love you.”

Four years ago I knew I would one day marry my best friend.

And in 106 days I will.

I’d say time has been good to us.

happy (last anniversary before we have a real, court approved married anniversary, haha) anniversary!

I luuuuurve you.

happy weekend all!