Transracial what?

*I’ve been sitting on this topic a while and it’s taken me some time to get it all out. I know it’s one of those rare serious moments on the blog, but it’s important to me and it needed to be said*

As you all know, one of my Hollywood favorites, Sandra Bullock, recently adopted a New Orleans born son and became a single mother. And if you didn’t know that, what rock have you been living under?

Anyways, when the story broke the biggest headline was not at Sandra was a newly single mother, it was that she adopted a black child. There were discussions going back and forth and posts like this on CNN and other media outlets discussing the issues (good and bad) with transracial adoptions like hers and other celebrities and every day couples and what that comes across as in society. And all I could help thinking while reading all of this was: Does it really matter?

I mean really people. I read some blog posts (that I will not link to) that made me so angry because they blasted people like Sandra for playing the “savior to lost black babies” and saying “black babies should be raised by black families.” I also read posts saying that Sandra did the whole thing for publicity and how dare she since her husband (soon to be ex) took pictures with nazi paraphernalia and is clearly racist. Um. What?

Now I don’t know Sandra or anything (but I want to, hi Sandy!) but I would say it’s safe to assume that her child isn’t some stunt to regain popularity. I would also say that since they filed four years ago asking for ANY child that they were happy to receive little Louis when they did.

Nonetheless, I’m glad this issue was brought up. I’m glad for two reasons. One. I’m biracial. I don’t fall under the black category and I don’t fall under the white one either. I love both halves of me and I embrace them both as much as I can. Two. My fiance is adopted and one day we might want to adopt as well. So would it be socially unacceptable if we adopted a black child? Or a white child? Because we’re not a “black family” or a “white family”?

These sorts of things were never addressed in any argument or discussion I read. Biracial is never addressed, we sort of fly under the radar. And to that I say (excuse my language): What the fuck? (actually I say that’s a whole other subject for a whole other post, but still)

I just wish people would stop lumping everyone and every race together and making these ludicrous statements of “black families this” and “white families that” and realize that it’s not so clear cut any more, that there are many ways to embrace a family’s heritage and history and that children can be raised in any family as long as they are cared for and loved.

And that’s my two cents.

happy thursday!

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