Three years of gorgeous sandy feet.

May 9th marks three years of gorgeous footsteps in the sand (aka pretty sandy feet aka my blog has identity issues), THREE YEARS people. How in the world did that happen?!?

Three years ago I wrote a silly little post and had no idea where this bad boy was going. I mean I wrote in different colors (I still can’t get over that, seriously was I in middle school??) and really had no idea what I was doing. Two years ago I couldn’t believe I’d stuck with something for so long and thanked the Hills and Violet (among other people) for so much blog inspiration. Last year I couldn’t even imagine my life without blogging and thanked anything and everyone that made my writing happen.

And this year, I’ve got even more thanks to give, so here we go:

  • The fine folks at Nintendo (and Brand About Town). for providing me with some of the best memories and experiences and toys to play with over the past year that ohmygod you guys are the best.
  • Matt. As always you deserve a big thanks for being okay with me sharing our life on the internet. Well that and for letting me take over our new computer night after night because “my readers will be sad if I don’t write something!” (haha, no I don’t say that, but I do whine. Sometimes.)
  • My freaking fantabulous freaders. To everyone that reads this little blog and whether or not you’ve commented or emailed me or tweeted me, just knowing that someone is reading my rambling makes me happy. So THANK YOU. Also to the bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting and putting their pictures on this blog because ohmygodwedrankwinetogether, you rock. And to all the bloggers I’m going to meet in Vegas, I thank you too. Just so you don’t get all judgey when I run to McDonald’s for french fries. Okay? Sweet. Thanks.
  • Simon Baker and Sam Worthington. You guys and your hot Aussieness have given me plenty to swoon over lately and has filled this blog with Aussielicious goodness. So really, when are we going to hang out and go to a pub? I’ll drink a beer just for you guys!
  • Red wine and coffee. Thanks for making me feel all adult like and caught up with the rest of society.
  • Twilight. Thanks for weeks on end of blog fodder and obsession material and one of the coolest stories of my life, how about we do it again sometime? Okay?
  • Books. Thanks for reminding me that not everything I read has to be on a screen. Also thanks for inspiring a review blog and GoodReads membership and just awesomeness all around.
  • Violet and Seraphina. Heck let’s just thank the whole Garner-Affleck family for being all sorts of adorable and cute and giving me plenty of awwwww inducing blog material as always.

So pretty much thank you everyone for listening to me ramble for three years and let’s keep this party going! Come say hi if you never comment, if you always comment, either way let me know you’re out there today! And if not, that’s okay, go have a birthday cupcake or mimosa or crescent roll, they’re all delicious.

happy weekend!