Happy Birthday Pookieface!

Okay no I don’t call Matt “pookieface” but I figured, why not today? It is his birthday after all and it made me laugh just writing it.

Anyhoozits, two years ago I shared some Matt quirks, last year I was too excited to write anything substantial because we had just gotten engaged and I will still on engagement high and this year, well this year I wasn’t really sure what to do either.

So I did what any good fiance would do and stole a picture of a young Matt from his brother’s facebook to share with the internets:

Seriously how cute/awesome/ridiculous/adorable/hilarious is this picture? Matt was such a blondie and I’m not really sure what sort of weird pose he’s doing there but this picture just makes me smile. Also, the light green swim trunks? 80s win.

So with that shared I just want to say….

happy birthday to my one and only pookieface!

I loooooove you.
actually I give you a thumbs up.
but really I love you.

happy thursday!