Some things…*

  • It really doesn’t feel like my birthday is in four days. Usually it’s all I can talk about, now I feel like it’s slowly sneaking up on me and I’m not nearly as excited as I usually am. Someone change this for me please….please?
  • I officially don’t like Idol even more since it cause Glee to cut off on my DVR! We watched the Laker game so I didn’t see that Glee was going long and I didn’t get to see/hear “Like a Prayer”! For Shame! Time to Hulu it I suppose, but still, blergh.
  • I’m currently reading Up in the Air and I’ve decided the movie is much more entertaining. Also, if George Clooney pictures were in it maybe I’d be more interested.
  • Also, if you google George, this picture shows up, haha:

  • And was that too many commas? It looks like it? The English minor in me should know. Sadly, I do not.
  • I’ve been really bad at Project: Loser lately. I have to keep trying to motivate myself but man do I love sleeping and eating unhealthy things, haha. But I promise, I’ll find my motivation again soon. I mean I do have to a wear a pretty white dress in four months, woo.
  • Nonetheless, I could really go for some mac and cheese and a red velvet cupcake right about now.

*I’m pretty sure I’ve used this title more than once but it was fitting for today.

happy wednesday!