Birthday "wishlist" it to me.

My birthday is nine days away. Nine! And I swear you wouldn’t even know it because I’ve barely talked about my birthday this year. I mean it doesn’t even really seem like it’s happening. I mean last years’ birthday was just so epic (read awesome) and so planned out I don’t know that I’ll ever get near that awesomeness again. Nonetheless my birthday is coming up and plans are sort of being made and so of course I have a wishlist. So here we go:

These shoes I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

seriously they’re adorable (and I’m a size 10).
I just can’t spend $100 on shoes for myself, I just can’t.
Well not yet at least.

Euros, I mean we’re headed to Italy
in a couple months and we have to pay somehow.

Water for Elephants.

I really liked this book and I wouldn’t
mind owning it and reading it again.

The Elsa Peretti Letter “K” pendant from Tiffany’s

yes this is the 3rd year I’ve asked for it
but I’m bound to get it eventually…


I love this game, and don’t own
it. Something is wrong here.

A wine-of-the-month club membership.

Seriously how cool would that be?

And that is this year’s birthday list. Can’t really think of anything else to add besides having someone pay for our hotels in Italy or find us a DJ or you know, pay for the whole wedding because that would be amazing? That or going to a pub with Rob Pattinson and Sam Worthington and Simon Baker because that would just be a plethora of accents and hawtness and awesomeness, haha.

Anyhoozits, YAY to my almost birthday!

happy friday!