Some Easter shenanigans.

Oh what an Easter weekend indeed, let’s just get to it:

Friday: After getting off of work a bit early, Matt and I were on our way to Palm Desert to spend Easter with Matt’s family. We made it there just in time to help order dinner, haha. Lots of pizzas were ordered and some family came over and it was fun to just hang out and talk about the wedding and Twilight and blogging and family and all that jazz, twas a good night with lots of good time and lots of wine, haha.
Saturday: After sleeping in a wee bit I woke up and did a lap around Matt’s aunts neighborhood (I figured why not get some exercise in before even more eating, haha) and came back to do some reading and tanning by the pool. And by tanning I mean burning because I’m an idiot who forgot sunscreen but I did get pretty far in my book so that was nice. Basically the day was spent hanging out until the evening when we (me, Matt, his dad, his aunt, his brother Ryan and his girlfriend Michaela, and two family friends) all headed to Matt’s cousins house for an Easter service and dinner.
Basically the weather was perfect and the house was so open and nice that the service was lovely. Afterwards we all just hung out watching some of the basketball game and admiring the awesome view…
I mean really? How great would it be to look outside your window and see that every day??
Ultimately it was another lovely night with lots of drinks and conversations and good times all around.
Sunday: Happy Easter Bunny! Woke up earlyish (why? I do not know) did some reading and finished my book before getting ready for the day. Eventually everyone was ready to go and we were off to Easter brunch. It was quite a lovely brunch with so much food and mimosas and just winner all around.
Michaela, Ryan, Aunt Toni, Matt,
me and Matt’s Dad Forrest
After brunch though Matt and I were on our way back to Pasadena for an early Easter dinner with my family. Dinner with my family was great (besides the fact that my allergies were attacking me and I was sunburned and generally in a bit of pain, haha) and we had even more good food and drinks and good times. And what was even more exciting was the fact that the Easter bunny still brought me a basket
All in all it was a lovely Easter weekend.
And how was your weekend? Any delicious eating or exciting happen?
happy monday!